Paul Mampilly: A Financial Guru Helping Main Street Americans Invest

Paul Mampilly: A Financial Guru
From Wall Street to Main Street: How Paul Mampilly help everyday Americans

Upon listening to all the stories and announcements regarding the stock market in today’s news reports, some readers may find it interesting to learn that a little over one-third of Americans invest in stocks. Since almost two-thirds of Americans are socking away their money in savings accounts paying extremely low interest rates, some people are becoming more interested in alternatives.

However, risk is a major factor barring the way for many potential investors. Furthermore, a large number of individuals simply do not have any clues about how to invest in the stock market. Paul Mampilly, an experienced and established financial wizard, has offered some of his wisdom to potential investors who want to know which stocks to buy.

Electric Vehicle Stocks May Offer Exciting Investment Opportunities in the Future

According to Paul Mampilly, new investors should focus on technology and innovative trends. For instance, people who purchased stock shares in cell phone manufacturing companies years ago are now reaping incredible profits. Today, Paul Mampilly predicts that Americans are eventually going to prefer owning electric vehicles in lieu of the previous passion to own traditional cars that run on gasoline.

People are becoming frustrated at the expenses involved in owning old-fashioned automobiles requiring expensive parts and costly maintenance rituals. Paul Mampilly points out that electric cars only feature three moving parts. With little to replace and maintain, the electric car should eventually appeal to more and more drivers. Consequently, owning electric vehicle stocks should also appeal to a growing number of investors.

According to Mampilly, precision medicine is another future technological trend. Precision medicine involves using genetic testing as a way to accurately diagnose diseases including various forms of cancer. Genetic profiles of patients will enable trained physicians to understand a patient’s personal DNA code. After receiving this pertinent information, a doctor can then compare the patient’s DNA to genetic information found on a comprehensive database.

During this process, a physician will find the right treatment geared toward each individual patient’s DNA. Instead of guessing which medicine will work best for any given patient, a doctor will have the ability to target the exact remedy and create a perfect match. In light of this information, Paul Mampilly suggests that people should buy stocks representing genetic testing companies.

With the understanding that Americans are eating out in their favorite restaurants more frequently than in the past, people are also becoming more interested in eating healthy meals. The problem is that it is not always easy to find restaurants catering to health-conscious consumers. According to Paul Mampilly, food delivery systems specializing in healthy meals are favored future investments. A food delivery system is the ideal answer for people who want to eat nutritious, prepared meals in their own homes. Food delivery systems are becoming popular alternatives to eating out in restaurants.

Many people are completely bewildered about investing in the stock market. Fortunately, Paul Mampilly removes the guesswork out of investing. Mampilly’s excellent record is reflected in his ongoing published investment portfolio for everyone to read and digest. People who act upon his suggestions may find that they experience more profitable futures for themselves and their families.

Paul Mampilly does not invest money for his readers. Instead, subscribers to his publication purchase stocks in their personal brokerage accounts. The unique approach gives investors opportunities to have a financial advisor without being subject to his direct interference in their investment accounts. Subscribers have been impressed with his recommended stocks. One subscriber mentioned that he created an investment portfolio which included all of Mampilly’s suggested stocks. The subscriber said that his portfolio was thriving and that this was the first time he had achieved successful results investing in the stock market.

Currently, Paul Mampilly’s open investment portfolio includes stocks featuring impressive 18 to 38 percent profits. His portfolio includes 13 open positions. Eleven of these positions have reached sizable profits. In fact, a semiconductor stock recommended by Paul Mampilly a few months ago is now up an astounding 160 percent. Another subscriber stated that he never had any prior success investing in the stock market until he followed Mampilly’s suggestion. The subscriber mentioned that he had already realized a profit of $45,190 after he mimicked Mampilly’s open portfolio.

For most financial gurus, 10,000 subscribers is a fairly impressive number. However, Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited is so popular that 60,000 subscribers happily subscribe to his informative publication. Paul Mampilly was previously an accomplished hedge fund manager who was employed on Wall Street for approximately two decades. His impressive list of former clients include Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank and ING. His achievements enabled him to win an investment competition in 2009.

During the competition, which was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation, Mampilly managed to turn $50 million into $88 million. Since the amazing gain took place during a serious financial crisis, the profit was an astonishing success story. Mampilly’s venture was even more impressive because he accomplished the task without needing to short any stocks in the process.

After winning the Templeton Foundation competition, Paul Mampilly began working for Banyan Hill Publishing company where he began his Profits Unlimited publication. Banyan Hill is an independent publishing firm specializing in investment newsletters. The publication’s main goal is to offer practical advice for the average American who wants to make profitable investments. Every month, Paul Mampilly writes an eight-page newsletter including information about his recommended stock picks. People who visit his official website can read his updates about the investments and track the success of his model investment portfolio.

In addition to editing his Profits Unlimited publication at Banyan Hill Publishing company, Paul Mampilly edits True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He also contributes his wisdom about investing by writing articles for the Winning Investor Daily. His focus today is to help Main Street Americans become wealthier by investing in his recommended stocks.


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