NewsWatch TV Reviews Local DC Staple, The Pub and The People


NewsWatch TV recently went looking for some of the most interesting restaurants and companies in their home city of Washington D.C. One particular restaurant that caught their attention is The Pub and The People.

The Pub and The People is located in the Bloomingdale neighborhood where it is a popular bar. NewsWatch TV stopped by and chatted with the co-owner, Nick Bernel, to learn more about his business.

Nick Bernel originally went to architecture school and came to D.C. to work in the architecture field. However, after a few years, he decided to switch his career path and work in solar engineering at a D.C.-based company called Standard Solar.

Meanwhile, Nick’s true passion was actually his side hobby. He began bartending and working in restaurants in addition to his existing job. The bar he frequently worked at was called the Rhino Bar. Located in Georgetown, it was one of the most well-known bars in the area. After over 20 years, the bar ended up closing its doors in 2015, because of rising rent costs in the Georgetown area.

But the closing of the Rhino Bar led Nick and his friends to the idea of starting their own bar. So, three months after the Rhino closed, a new bar called The Pub and The People opened. For Nick, it was a smooth transition into the new restaurant from the old.

At the time when Nick and his friends were looking for a new location, the city was targeting the area of North Capitol and U street for urban growth. That location was ideal for Nick and he was able to receive a grant to help him open the bar as well.

The Pub and The People is similar to a neighborhood pub, basically an American version of an English pub.

The chef who works at The Pub and The People has experience with fine dining restaurants, so the food at the pub is better than typical bar food, without all the frills and price tag that typically come along with it.

The whole idea behind the Pub and the People is to have something that everyone will like, following up on the concept of a neighborhood bar. Nick and company have taken that to heart. The pub has four-dollar beers, six-dollar combos, twelve-dollar cocktails, nice entrees, delicious burgers, and overall, something for just about everyone.

Nick says that he can’t remember if he designed the bar because of the name, or if he and his friends called the pub because of the way it was designed. Either way, The Pub and The People has become one of the favorite local dining bars in the D.C. area.

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