Dwayne Johnson on Status of “Black Adam”


Dwayne Johnson has offered an update for the Black Adam movie that he has planned for the DC Extended Universe, saying that filming is unlikely to start until at least late 2019, but that he could pop up in another DCEU project first.

He made these comments in an interview with FilmStarts, a German website, explaining that he as a very busy schedule for the next year or so.

“Early next year right now it looks like I’m going to be shooting Jumanji, and then after that if everything goes well I’ll shoot a movie called Red Notice with Rawson Thurber again, with Gal Gadot, and another actor yet to be named. But Black Adam possibly at the end of next year. It’s coming along great, the script is coming along great we’re very happy with it.”

However, he said, “Without giving anything away, there MIGHT be maybe a cameo or two of some of the other DC superheroes. We’ll see.” He added that the film is being designed to stand on its own, but that the shared universe format offers some interesting possibilities.

In the comics, Black Adam is a villain-turned-anti-hero associated with the Shazam franchise. Thousands of years ago, he was a warrior in the fictional Egyptian-like country of Khandaq and was given powers by the Wizard Shazam; when Black Adam turned evil, however, the Wizard banished him, then waited millennia before finding a more worthy champion in a young boy named Billy Batson.

Played by Asher Angel and Zachary Levi, Billy will be the star of April 2019’s Shazam, which was originally slated to have Johnson’s Black Adam as the villain. Later, Warner Bros. announced that a Black Adam solo film would be released first, as a prequel; now, however, the prequel has been pushed back while Shazam‘s villain will be Doctor Sivana, played by Mark Strong.

Rumors of Black Adam showing up somewhere else have been circulating for a while; one popular theory is that it will be in Suicide Squad 2. At the moment, however, the DCEU’s future is largely uncertain; movies are scheduled through 2019, but beyond that is a mystery. But Johnson, a huge fan of Black Adam, is no doubt eager to portray the character as soon as possible.


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