Drones that can carry a human being


Kitty Hawk Flyers have come up with flying cars that can be able to fly over big lakes. To be precise, the manufacturer is located in Las Vegas. The company behind the innovation is owned by Google co-founder Larry Page. The tech entrepreneur went ahead and set up a facility where he has been developing the drones. It’s the place where the new flyers get to learn the new skills. It’s a process that can take a minimum of 90 minutes. Most of that time is spent training on what happens if something was to turn out wrong.
The training for the Flyers starts in essential simulations. There is a computer game that teaches the user about the two primary controls that one is required to worry about.

There is a switch that is set to control the altitude and another small joystick that is programmed to control the direction. After learning, using the simulation and computer games, one is taken to a real flyer that is strapped to the ground. This is an exercise that is designed to take away all the nerves that one might have, especially when on the flyer. Afterward, one is able to learn how to get out of the vehicle during an emergency. The crew has set up a ball pool where one can rehearse on how to get out of the vehicle if it happens that it lands on one side in the water. After that series of training, then one is okay to go. Sadly, the company doesn’t allow you to try out the actual flyer all by yourself.

The flyer is not challenging to maneuver. You don’t need to think about a lot of things. One is just required to let the vehicle do its job while you direct where you want it to go. The flyer is so beautiful to fly. Mostly, one is operating in the open scenery, viewing the environment as you direct the vehicle. It’s not something that needs one to brainstorm.

The vehicle only has one seat that occupies only one person. It’s a massive drone that is enormous to look at. The drone has been worked on in secret until it was unveiled at the beginning of the year. It has ten motors that power ten propellers independently. The company noted that it would one day sell the vehicle at the same price as an electric car that goes for between $40,000 and $50,000.


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