Denuclearization Follow-ups


The US president Donald Trump met North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a summit in Singapore. In this historic event in Washington, Kim agreed to denuclearize while the US promised to lift sanctions. The event was negotiated and arranged by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to CNN, Pompeo has visited North Korea with an aim to check the denuclearization progress. During his trip there, there will be a timeframe of talks. However, some believe that Pompeo might leave North Korea frustrated.

A statement given by two US executives conversant with the trip preparations hinted out that Pompeo is also anticipated to get clarity on other matters. The matters include retrieving the remains of the US forces who died in the Korean War and the destruction of the nuclear missile plants. Other matters to be on the discussion table will include information on the North Korean piles of weapons of mass destruction. During the summit in Singapore, Trump had reported that the nuclear plants were being destroyed. This is the third trip by Pompeo to North Korea, which forecasters say highlights broader challenges for the administration. Denuclearization is the ultimate foreign policy challenge so far that requires a rational approach. There is no clarity yet on who will negotiate on behalf of North Korea. The report follows a release from diplomatic sources and current officials plus familiar sources with the internal policy.

Should Pompeo return from North Korea without a specific plan for the scheduled procedures, administration officials hint that there is a reason for worry. Speculation states that Kim and Trump might meet again during the UN General Assembly in September. Kim needs to propose something proving his seriousness to Pompeo since he travels with expectations. Pompeo has tons of experience in this field to which he has devoted his time to the North Korea file. Despite working without an assembled crew, the White House pushes him to show progress.

Pompeo has been tweeting that Kim is promising to denuclearize but administration and defense officials doubt the clarity of this proceedings. There’s an expected constant conflict with Kim allegedly having to ask for something in return during the negotiation. Sources told CNN that John Bolton and Pompeo face constant strife at home over North Korea. Pompeo says he won’t place a deadline but speaking to CBS, Bolton talked of a year-long deadline. Given that the DPRK and Washington met less than a month ago, most National Security Council (NSC) officials consider it too early to judge the Trump administration and North Korea.


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