Decriminalizing Prostitution Has Become More Dangerous


Julie Bendel has been against the worldwide sex trade for at least 20 years. She has spent some of her time in Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Nevada and New Zealand. Her time there was primarily spent visiting the brothels that are found in the locality. She also toured red lights districts in some developing World countries. It was mainly where misplaced liberalism led the local authorities to legalize prostitution. In all those areas, similar to Holbeck, deregulation has failed in its terms. Moreover, it has led to an increase in demand and even aggravated the problem. In the worst instances, currently evident in Europe, it has led to a tremendous increase in the trafficking of young girls and women.

There is a vast quantity of myths that surround the sex trade globally. Some well-intentioned persons sincerely believe that legalizing it will rid the business of its bad characteristics. They include violence, disease and coercion. At the Aids conference in Amsterdam, the myth of the jovial hawker is once again undergoing propagation. Moreover, it is completed with a “sex workers opera.” If a person legalizes and celebrates prostitution, the debate goes that they give hawkers the agency they need to lead healthy lives. Sex work or prostitution, as it is currently known, becomes an occupation just like any other. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.

However, according to the Telegraph, prostitution is not just a typical job. For every prostitute who is happy with their job (if he or she exists), there are many for whom life is dangerous. It may be routine beatings, rape cases, extortion, HIV, and syphilis. Also, there can be the occurrence of harmful drugs and cheap spirits. These are among the grim realities of participating in prostitution. Prostitution is seldom a straightforward transaction between two consenting adults. Its primary objective is to gain profit. Brothel owners, gangs, pimps and organized crime syndicates are behind each red light zone in Harare and other African capitals.

Their general view is a slightly respectable lobby consisting of sex profiteers. It is such as those operating escort agencies not excluding strip clubs. They present themselves in the media debating that the most secure way to run sex working is by legitimizing it. Many of the locally known “sex workers collectives” a person may view quoted are financed by this end of the enterprise. Gratefully, the tide is turning. Policy makers are reconsidering the matter due to the sharp increase in human trafficking cases.


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