How the Chicago Shipping Company, Custom Companies, is Competing With the Big Dogs

Global Shipping Business, Custom Companies, Grows Service

The shipping industry is so full of competing companies offering vastly different levels of service that customers can often find it hard to keep their options straight. This can be detrimental to their ultimate goals of having their parcels shipped in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. In order to help alleviate some of the problems that can be caused by a lack of information in this area, we took time to examine the offerings of one of the leaders in the industry, Custom Companies. Reading on, you’ll be able to get a solid grasp of the wide range of services offered by the company to help them ensure high-quality results.


Company Background

Custom Companies was founded in 1986 by Perry Mandera with a vision of providing a broad base of transportation solutions to its customers under one roof. As Mandera developed the company, and more people began to take notice of its offerings, the operation grew precipitously in size. What began as a small local shipping company with two trucks has now become an internationally-equipped leader in the transportation industry with well over two thousand pieces of equipment. Not only has this increase in size resulted in an increased shipping capacity, but it has also allowed the company to service a larger customer base. Through its interactions with an ever-growing number of customers who rely on them for shipping needs, the company has become known for its world-class customer service provided with a hands-on approach.


Domestic Services

Though the company provides many services throughout a number of different parts of the world, the backbone of its offerings is its fifty states Less Than Truckload division. As the largest division in the company, it is responsible for the daily handling of thousands of shipments throughout the country. Competitive pricing and superb service have earned the division a spot as one of the most respected in its field, a recognition underscored by a 99.5% claim fee ratio.

With distribution centers in thirty-three major markets, the division not only has the ability to pick up from and ship to any point throughout the contiguous United States, it can also do so in a manner that is cognizant of the time-sensitivity of shipping in the modern age. As freight is picked up on the company’s own gold and black equipment, running on a direct scheduled line, parcels are able to be delivered without the need for rehandling at breakbulk facilities. By reducing the time in transit and the need to handle packages, the company is able to vastly reduce the chance for unsatisfactory occurrences during shipping, such as error or damage.

Another popular offering the company brings to its customers is its dedicated contract cartage service. This is a hassle-free transportation service for customers who have multiple facilities located in the same urban center. The company allows customers the freedom of shuttling parcels between facilities through the use of uniformed drivers and company equipment. Additionally, should the need arise, customers may add additional drivers and equipment with minimal notice. This allows customers to change their shipping practices to accommodate the normal ebbs and flows of their business.


Managed Transportation and Warehouses

Another thing that sets Custom Companies apart from its competition, is its ability to provide managed transportation services to customers (Crunchbase). This service is tailored to a desired budget and expectation. The company’s success in this area stems in part from strategically selected carriers that can accommodate customers’ desire for personalized offerings to meet their unique shipping needs. This offering revolves around the company’s commitment to approaching each customer on a case by case basis and crafting a shipping solution that is both creative and effective for achieving their goals. In addition, the company is constantly monitoring their services through its support and reporting initiatives to identify areas for improvement. With a level of flexibility that is difficult to find elsewhere, the company will adjust shipping strategies whenever it finds a solution that can help to improve its customers’ experiences.

Along with its notoriety for managed transportation, the company is also known for its extensive system of warehouses integrated throughout its transportation routes. These U.S. facilities not only handle the storage of products but can also work to distribute goods in line with a customer’s overall business strategy. By integrating these locations with a variety of technological solutions to ensure proper stocking and delivery times, the network of warehouses helps to ensure that merchandise will be received in a timely manner whenever it is needed.


International Shipping

Though the company has become well-known over the years for its expertise in transporting parcels across the United States, it is also capable of providing shipment options for customers who need goods transported internationally as well. One major way the company is able to accomplish this is through the use of its air freight offerings. Handled through global logistics division, these transportation options allow customers to ship across national borders when time is of the essence and travel by road is not the best option.

For those customers with transportation needs that are best accomplished by traditional overland delivery options, the company also offers international shipment via expedited ground service. These services can accommodate a wide range of volumes from a single skid to a full fifty-three-foot truckload. They are intended for customers that require shipment within a timeframe that is faster than standard delivery.

Though there are many options in the world of transportation and the myriad of services may at times seem overwhelming, it is best to examine the offerings of a potential shipping partner carefully to ensure they can accommodate your specific needs. With many decades of service and accolades from a range of organizations, Custom Companies has shown time and again that its offerings are as high quality as they are varied and are fit for the many different needs that exist in the industry. If you are currently seeking a transportation professional to help you deliver parcels of any size, examine the above information and consider reaching out to the company to further investigate the ways in which they can help you find success.

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