Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has been ruled out for the Season as the attacking Midfielder is still suffering from a Knee Injury.


It was a day full of contrast at Anfield Stadium. The reds were busy and moved closer in signing the Brazilian number one goalkeeper Alisson. The club is planning on signing the goalkeeper on a world record for a shot-stopper. It was revealed that Oxlade Chamberlain will be out for the season as he is still nursing a knee injury. The Player has been off and on the pitch since he underwent a knee surgery on May. Chamberlain will unfortunately not take part in the 2018/2019 English Premier League campaign. The Midfielder incurred what Liverpool said was a double ligament injury.

Oxlade suffered the Injury in last season’s Champions League campaign at the semi-final level against AS Roma. All along, Oxlade Chamberlain was fully aware of the severity of his injury since April. However, he suggested that the club shouldn’t make the announcement that detailed the seriousness of his injury. He said that his misfortune shouldn’t be announced as it would have slowed down the momentum at Anfield as Liverpool was at a higher pace chasing the Champions League Trophy. Liverpool was successful as they managed to brace themselves and went all the way to the Champions League Finals, where they were knocked out by Real Madrid. The club registered their third consecutive Champions League title. However, the misfortunes of the club begun when their Goalkeeper, Karius, made stupid errors that saw them lose the contest for the title.

It’s believed that Oxlade Chamberlain never shared with his teammates about the extensive recovery length of his injury so that they could maintain that positive focus. The Midfielder was all prepared to see the team cruise all the way to the Champions League finals. Though, the player is now able to walk after the surgical operation that he underwent eight days after he suffered the knee injury. The Liverpool head coach preferred to share the demise at the beginning of the season as it wouldn’t have much effect on the psyche of the players. The manager had to explain what was ahead of the 24-year-old Midfielder. The club was aware of what was coming after the player incurred the injury. However, Anfield was very excited to learn that the player’s surgery was successful and that he was able to walk and soon to recover fully.


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