University Criticized for the Increase in the Number of Homeless People around the City


Oxford University administration found itself in big trouble after students were furiously angered by the claims that they made. The university blamed the increase in the number of homeless people in the city to the students. The students were generous to the homeless therefore encouraging them to sit and wait for donations in the streets. Senior Proctor Mark Edwards and Junior proctor Cecile Fabre sent an email to the students that attracted a significant backlash. The email was broadly brought to the light and severally shared on social media. The email claimed that the Oxford students had developed a high sense of social conscience that was evident from the high number of homeless people that hovered and sat in the city streets waiting and seeking for donations.

The email brought mixed up reactions in the school. It also suggested that the school’s ‘trashing’ norm that is always regarded as a celebration that takes place at the end of the semester had given the impression that the University is a massive Bullingdon club. The senior proctor and his junior suggested that ‘trashing’ was entirely insensitive to the homeless. They continued to address in the email that needless giving away of food stuff was a magnification of their distress.

The chair of On Your Doorstep Oxford Student’s Union’s homelessness campaign, Alex Kumar, addressed the media on the issue. He threw the ball at the University asking the administration to step up and approach important strategies that would assist curb the growing number of homeless people in the city. He proposed that supporting local charities, like offering available properties to the homeless during the winter, would make the homeless wear a big smile on their face. Kumar told the administration to make such steps instead of using the University’s homelessness predicament as an attack on the students.

The University’s administration told the media that the proctor’s intentions were not personal. They were only pleading with the students to consider the environmental and social conscience of the University. They were aiming to make the students see the impact of waste and inconvenience that was caused by rampant trashing. Mr Edwards defended the email saying that the message was acknowledged. He continued to say that it was a standing fact that the homeless came to Oxford from other places. The area was a credit for them as the residents and students showed them generosity.


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