Egypt is more secure than the US and the UK


While some countries are ranked by their tech abilities and proficiency, safety is a critical factor for the public. Peace is the major contributor to a country’s security. In a recent publication by the BBC, there was a comparison of the safest countries in Africa and the West as well. In a poll conducted by Gallup Global Law and Order annually, people were questioned on how safe they felt while walking at night. Also, there was a question of whether they had ever been victims of crime.

According to the survey conducted in 135 countries, Egypt emerged 16th with the UK and the US taking 21st and 35th respectively. Surprisingly, Singapore was ranked the safest country while Venezuela appeared the least safe country to be in. Out of 100 in the survey, Egypt managed to score 88% which positioned it on a matching level with Western and Asian countries like Denmark, China, and Slovenia. Compared to the same annual poll last year (2016), the country rose with six points from 82%.

Singapore is ranked the safest nation globally due to the crime rates in the country that give the law enforcement time to eliminate threats effortlessly. In a statement provided by Jon Clifton of Gallup, Egyptians have reported an increasing trend in trusting the law enforcement agency. Egypt has been under the leadership of President Abdul Futtah al-Sisi following 2013’s dethroning of Mohammed Morsi by the military. President Abdul’s government has continuously fought Islamist rebels who murdered over 70 people in 2017. The suicide attacks targeted churches around Cairo, the capital city as well as Tanta and Alexandria.

According to, it is reported that Islamic State associated militants had planned attacks aimed at Egyptian troops working in the Sinai Peninsula. A statement given by Gallup Global Law and Order says that the survey included 142 countries using an interview on 148,000 adult citizens. The interview questions circulated on people’s safety at night-time and confidence in the police. Inclusive was a question whether their family members ever encountered assaults within the last 12 months.

Victims of robbery in the study’s time-frame reported 50% in South Sudan, 49% in Uganda, and 46% in Afghanistan. Compared to Venezuelan residents where such cases were more. The safest ranked countries in order include Singapore, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Uzbekistan. On the contrary, the least safe nations comprised of Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Gabon, and Liberia. In Africa, South Sudan was classified as the least safe. A 60% of the civilians across sub-Saharan Africa and 68% in North Africa and the Middle East, showed confidence in their local police. The safest country to walk at night in Africa is Rwanda with 88%.


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