Why Choose TMS Health Solutions?


Congratulations! You have chosen to pursue the totally non-invasive power of magnets to treat your major depressive disorder or treatment resistant depression. It can be tough getting help for MDD or TRD, so pat yourself on the back for making it thus far. Further, we here at TMS Health Solutions think you are pursuing one of the most promising innovative therapies in the mental health community. Good Job! The only question that remains is, which TMS Provider do you choose? Here is a brief guide you can use to help frame your decision-making process. Full disclosure, we think you should choose TMS Health Solutions, but that just us.


When choosing a TMS provider one of your primary considerations should be a clinics success rate with clinical depression and the availability of treatment information. After all, the proof is in the pudding.

TMS Health Solutions regularly reviews each patient’s receptiveness and use the data to tailor their treatment. We also anonymously compile this information to help gain a deeper understanding of our practice’s overall effectiveness to guide our efforts of improving our procedures and expand our range of therapy options. Patients treated at TMS Health Solutions have shown an almost 50% improvement on their PHQ-9 scores during and after their treatment. Just saying.


Another indicator of reputable TMS Providers is the level of expertise within the field. Look to see how long your provider has been doing TMS therapy. Is he or she involved in the Clinical TMS Society? Are they active in continuing their education and understanding of TMS?

TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007. Founder and Chief Medical Officer of TMS Health Society is a nationally recognized leader in TMS and was elected as president of the Clinical TMS Society in 2015, serving for two years. He currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Environment and Equipment

TMS generally requires numerous 30-60 minute sessions over the period of 4-8 weeks, so you will want to make sure that you are comfortable in the TMS provider’s office. A TMS provider is nothing without an accommodating staff, so check out reviews or testimonials of those who have used a provider’s services. Beyond a welcoming atmosphere, check to see what TMS equipment a provider is using to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible.

The warm atmosphere at TMS Health Solutions has been carefully crafted to feature welcoming reception and waiting areas. Similarly, treatment rooms were designed to foster a calm, relaxing non-clinical environment. Our staff is one of the friendliest in the mental health community and is trained to assist with throughout the stages of treatment. But don’t take our word for it, check out former patient’s testimonials here (http://tmshealthsolutions.com/testimonials/). While there are 5 different TMS devices cleared by the FDA, TMS Health Solutions uses the only one that ensures the electromagnet stays in contact with your head. This device is known as the Neurostar system and it gives our technicians more accurate and consistent location of the electromagnet.

Personal Touch

The last consideration you should make when choosing a TMS provider is less tangible than some of the other factors listed. Putting a personal touch on TMS treatment can mean the difference between treatment success and failure. Will your TMS provider get to know you and your clinical depression well enough to optimize treatment? What is the involvement of interaction between your TMS provider and your referring doctor or psychiatrist?

Well if the TMS provider is anything like TMS Health Solutions then this personal aspect to treating clinical depression will be fore front and center of the mental health clinic’s vision. TMS Health Solutions offers a unique, patient-centered experience to assist you in finding the right treatment for your symptoms. We collaborate closely with patient’s primary care provider, psychiatrist, or therapist to help bring about the best possible treatment outcomes.



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