The Chainsmokers Have a New Documentary Series Called ‘The Chainsmokers – Memories’

The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall and Drew Taggart Have a New Documentary Series Called ‘The Chainsmokers – Memories’

If there is one thing that needs to be understood about the EDM pop-rock boys over at The Chainsmokers, it is that they continue to master the art of keeping themselves relevant. Just when you fall in love with “Everybody Hated Me,” in comes “Somebody.” With each cinematically crafted music video, out comes another blockbuster to blow your imagination away. Now, after playing on stages all over the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2017 with the Memories…Do Not Open Tour, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have found a way to keep that feeling alive and well in 2018 and beyond. The duo has released their online documentary series called The Chainsmokers – Memories, available at Apple Music.

With short and digestible episodes that are easy to consume on a lunch break at work or during a commute, The Chainsmokers – Memories shows you exactly what it was like behind the scenes of the mega-tour for The Chainsmokers’ very first full-length studio album Memories…Do Not Open.

The documentary series includes the live music of Alex and Drew DJing and getting the dancefloor to rock. The series also includes Drew delivering vocals on the mic and Alex Pall mixing it up with a live band element added on with Matt McGuire as drummer and Tony Ann as pianist. At the moment, there are currently 18 episodes, ranging in length from 53 seconds to 5 minutes and 33 seconds. But there could possibly be more installments on the way. Let the in-your-face innovation and antics begin!

Here are short summaries or memorable moments from the episodes:

1.) “Chainsmokers Memories”

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart kick off the docuseries with the camera capturing their anticipation, planning, and high pressure to produce their first major arena world tour for their very first studio album. First stop…Miami!

2.) “Three Days ‘til Tour”

Music director Stacy Jones interacts with Drew Taggart to make adjustments to the performance planning. Playing with a band for the first time can be a source of anxiety, splitting their stage time with DJ sets and live performances for their dance music fans and their radio pop fans.

3.) “It’s Hard When You’re Young”

Alex Pall’s mom shares information about her son’s early musical interests, along with some cool throwback photos with his musical roots represented by a fire-red guitar slung over his left shoulder.

4.) “In the Beginning”

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart poke fun at themselves as they throw all childhood embarrassment to the wind and embrace the kiddy photographs that will soon become part of their stage set.

5.) “The End of the Beginning”

Alex sums up the expected anxiety that The Chainsmokers were feeling as they prepared for this gigantic leap in their touring career when he says: “We haven’t even played a show since the album has come out. So, hopefully we get the response that we are looking for.”

6.) “60 Shows in 60 Days”

Alex and Drew each have their own tour buses. How cool is that? Well, you get to see exactly how cool that is when Alex walks us into his vehicular home while on the road. Emily Warren also shares her first collaboration with the guys.

7.) “Vegas Double Ups”

The Las Vegas residency is the highlight of this 7th episode. From the tour bus on the road to an airplane to the Sin City stage for the benefit of their screaming audiences. Drew and Alex stay on the move and in their groove.

8.) “But First…”

Funny videos, funny jokes, and funny photos are on display to showcase the humorous efforts that the group put into marketing themselves in their earlier days, before the hits began to pour out of them like perspiration on Venice Beach.

9.) “It’s Not Typical”

The song “Roses” sets the tone and feel for this 9th episode of The Chainsmokers – Memories, the documentary series. Chris Martin shares how this song was the one that made him recognize what the duo had to offer the world of music.

10.) “Nothing is Normal”

Here comes the insight into what is normal in the not so normal lifestyle of The Chainsmokers as they are embarking on the enormously epic Memories…Do Not Open Tour. Working out in the gym, getting some nourishment in their bodies, music lessons, and fan/media interactions are the norm.

 11.) “Writing on Tour”

At their core, The Chainsmokers are musicians who love making music. The balancing act of performing and squeezing in creative time keeps Alex Pall and Drew Taggart on their toes.

12.) “Shots Fired”

Emily Warren is not just on the road; she is crafting brand new songs with the duo. Not to mention, they are also feeling the effect of fame weighing down on them.

13.) “Meet Rory”

Videographer Rory Kramer is the high-energy executer of awesome who is filming the Memories…Do Not Open Tour.

14.) “Now or Never”

It is time for the band to get some love and the special guests to hit the stage and get some air time.

15.) “Prom Crashers”

Imagine being the fans that will get to see The Chainsmokers as they perform at—of all places—their high school prom.

16.) “Something Just Like This”

When it is show time, it is go time… especially when Chris Martin from Coldplay is ready and willing to share the stage with The Chainsmokers. This is what happens when stars fill up the night sky of a San Antonio concert arena.

17.) “Alex’s Birthday”

The birthday boy Alex Pall feels the love and grows another year wiser and appreciative of being on The Chainsmokers’ Memories…Do Not Open Tour. With the shots going down the hatch, and his friends all around him, Alex is one happy man.

18.) “Fight Club”

Whiskey and a bunch of dudes equaled The Chainsmokers Fight Club on tour, to have some intense and crazy fun. Unfortunately, there was some extra pain associated with the outcome.

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