Hawaii Braces For Possible Volcanic Eruption


There are signs that indicate the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii will erupt soon, prompting a red alert for residents of the largest island in the state. There is no indication as to exactly when the eruption will take place, but government leaders and National Guard members are doing everything possible to get as many people out of harm’s way before lava and deadly gases begin to spew from the volcano. The warning has been issued by the United States Geological Survey. The island recently closed to tourists so that there wouldn’t be as many people to get off the island if the volcano erupted.

Residents are being asked to take minimal belongings so that they can quickly leave the island. There has been a recent increase in the amount of ash coming from the volcano, which is an indication that some kind of activity will take place in the near future. The winds on the island are blowing the ash cloud that has formed over the volcano downwind, impacting numerous neighborhoods and businesses.

A steady stream of ash has been coming from the volcano over the past week and has reached heights of 12,000 feet above sea level. Residents have reported ash falling as far away as 18 miles. There is an advisory pertaining to the ash falling as a way to alert residents to stay indoors and to take necessary precautions to remain safe while they are on the island until they evacuate or if they choose to remain as evacuations are not yet mandatory. Ormat Technologies is closely monitoring the potential eruption, but owners of the plant don’t believe that lava will impact the building. There is the potential that lava will explode without any further warnings given from the volcano. Some large rocks from the depths of the volcano could erupt and travel for several feet or even miles from the site.


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