Francesca Reale Joins the Cast of Stranger Things Season 3


Netflix’s Stranger Things season 3 just got a bit more interesting. The talented Francesca Reale of “Haters Back Off” fame joins the cast in a major role. Reale plays a lifeguard in the upcoming third season, but don’t look for her role to be nothing more than a cameo or supporting one. Whatever mystery plays out in season 3, Reale’s character will be front and center with it. Actually, the press release info regarding the mystery uses the term “dark mystery.” Stranger Things is, after all, a hybrid horror/science-fiction series. Dark, mysterious, foreboding, and, yes, stranger things take place on the series. That’s what makes it so popular.

Also contributing to the popularity of the series is the inspired casting and fleshed-out characters. Stranger Things wouldn’t have gained a huge following thanks to audiences bonding with the adult and younger characters. Instead of serving up one-dimensional characters, the showrunners and writers of Stranger Things allowed the character to display a tremendous amount of depth. The approach won’t like change with “Heather, the lifeguard,” the character Reale plays.

Interestingly, Reale’s casting could be dubbed a Netflix lateral move. “Haters Back Off” is a Netflix series. Adding her to the cast of Stranger Things could lead some fans of her comedy series to follow her to the vaunted sci-fi program. Even though Stranger Things can be described as highly-popular, the program’s audience isn’t infinite.

The casting for season 3 should contribute to an intriguing set of new episodes. Reale’s hiring comes after the announcement that Cary Ewles signed on for a role. Ewles, as horror fans know, played the doctor chained up in a basement and forced to play Jigsaw’s game in the original Saw movie. His casting definitely went over big with horror fans.

From a casting perspective, Stranger Things 3 is really shaping up to be incredible.


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