Driving Gas Prices Higher


Even though there are no major hurricanes and no significant snowstorms that would impact gas production and delivery in the country, gas prices are at a three-year high across the nation for this time of year. Businesses are worried about how gas prices will impact delivery services since they rely on outside sources to bring the supplies that they need to make items that are sold. Businesses that offer delivery services are also worried about gas prices because they don’t know whether they can continue to provide the service to customers or not.

Drivers who live in California are being hit hardest with gas prices averaging at $3.60 a gallon. These prices are cutting into the profits made by businesses, and no one knows when the end will come and prices will begin to go back down. All of the states on the west coast of the United States are seeing gas prices that are over $3 a gallon. While the east coast hasn’t seen prices that high yet, states are still hovering near $2.90 a gallon.

When prices are $2, drivers usually continue to maintain their normal driving habits. When the amount changes to $3 a gallon, drivers tend to notice the price more and scale back on how often they are on the road. If the first digit changes at all, then drivers begin choosing where they get gas based on the price of a gallon instead of going to a station where they normally purchase gas. They begin letting their vehicles get closer to empty so that they don’t have to spend as much money each week keeping the car filled. Businesses can only absorb the high prices for a short time. They will likely have to begin charging higher fees for delivery services to customers. The high prices could also mean a change in what consumers see in grocery stores as truck drivers begin charging more for deliveries as well.


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