Why Dan Bernstein Endorses Aloha Restoration Co.

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A recent press release from Aloha Restoration Co. made the exciting announcement that Dan Bernstein will be endorsing Aloha Restoration Co. this year.

Dave Farbaky, the founder and CEO of both Aloha Construction and their partner company Aloha Restoration Co. was touched by the news. He stated that “we worked hard to get to this point and are so humbled by Dan’s endorsement. It personally means more than I think he even realizes.”

Who is Dan Bernstein?

Dan Bernstein is a local radio announcer on Chicago’s 670 The Score. He co-hosts the “Bernstein and Goff” show with Jason Goff, which bills itself as “the longest running sports talk show in Chicago History.” You may also recognize him from the “Boers and Bernstein Show,” which was on the air for 17 years before the pair concluded it in 2016.

Dan Bernstein is a Chicago native and graduated from Duke University. CBS Local Sports reports in his biography that he was recently honored as the “Best Sports Talker” in Chicago Magazine, and went on to add that “he is the city’s only three-category winner of the Achievement in Radio Award (Best Reporter, Best Play-by-Play and Best Talk Show).”

Why He Endorses Aloha Restoration Co.

So, why is Dan Bernstein such an avid fan of Dave Farbaky and Aloha Restoration Co? He endorsed the company after their mutual charity work together with Camp One Step of Children’s Oncology Services.

Both Dan and Dave are involved in the project to make summer a memorable time for kids with cancer. Camp One Step provides an opportunity to forget their disease and just enjoy being a child again, with a specialized week away at an outdoor summer adventure camp in Wisconsin.

This year, Aloha Restoration Co. donated $2,500 dollars to the cause, but that’s not all. Dave started the “Building Better Communities” campaign in an effort to give back to the city that has supported him and his business throughout the past decade, and seeks to make a positive impact on his community by working with local organizations to enact change.

Through this, Dave and the Aloha team partnered with the Illinois State University Athletics Department to increase their involvement with Camp One Step. As an avid sports fan and loving father, combining his passion for basketball and working with a children’s charity just made sense. Thus, the partnership was born.

Throughout the 2017 – 2018 season, Aloha Restoration Co. pledged to donate $5 for every assist scored by both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at ISU. This culminated in another donation of $1,965 to Camp One Step when the seasons came to a close in February! Due to his generosity, Dave and Aloha Restoration Co. will be responsible for sending up to five kids to the camp this summer.

Dan Bernstein worked with Aloha Restoration Co. alongside Camp One Step and through the CBS advertising program as well. As Dan got to know Dave and his team, he saw the good they do both in their work and the community, and chose to endorse the general contracting company to all listeners on 670 The Score!

Work With Aloha Restoration Co.

Aloha Construction Lake Zurich Are you interested in learning what all the hype is about?

Aloha Restoration Co. serves all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin and is a one-stop-shop for homeowners in need of restoration or remodeling services. The company offers mold removal, water cleanup, fire and smoke restoration, and even home remodeling services.

Dan Bernstein endorses Aloha Restoration Co. because the business exhibits honesty and integrity in both their personal work with the community and their professional services. In fact, the company was even awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017 to celebrate their exemplary customer service and responsible actions.

One of the major strengths that Aloha Restoration Co. offers is their ability to complete both the damage restoration and the renovations required to finish the job, so homeowners aren’t stuck working with two different companies, timelines, and budgets. The company specializes in a variety of work and can redo your basement, bathrooms, kitchen, or even your flooring in a single project.

Best of all, Aloha Restoration Co. cares so much about offering great service that they’ll come out for a FREE in-home assessment at houses across the state. Now Illinois homeowners have a risk-free way to make sure the home is in great condition, while also working with one of the leading general contracting companies in the state!

Aloha Restoration is making news with their endorsement from Dan Bernstein, but that’s not all. The company was also recently trusted with their first multi-million dollar renovation job. The project represented a milestone for the young Aloha Restoration Co. not only because of the scale but also because of their ability to complete it on-time and under budget.

Dave Farbaky was quoted in the press release saying “Doing work on a property like this is a privilege as much as it is a blessing.” He continued, “I’m extremely proud of our team for being able to finish this project according to specifications.” The North Barrington home has a brand new basement, kitchen, and bathroom, all thanks to the experts at Aloha Restoration Co.

Aloha Restoration Co. is a Trusted Member of the Chicago Community

Aloha Construction, Inc. received the Better Business Bureau 2017 Torch Award for Ethics

If the track record of experience and awards at their parent company Aloha Construction doesn’t sway you, the endorsement by Dan Bernstein just might. The Chicago native and local talk show icon spotted the generous and giving side of Aloha Restoration Co, and now endorses the company to everyone in the state.

Whether you’re on the fence about new renovations or just looking for a contracting company you can trust, take Dan Bernstein’s advice and call Aloha Restoration today!



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