Benefits of OneLogin’s Single-Sign On Service on Modern Business Security

What Is Single-Sign On?


Single-Sign On (SSO) is a service that allows people to use one set of sign on information to access numerous applications. This means that instead of having to type your password and username in every time you want to log on to an application, you can type it in once and will be able to smoothly go from application to application without any unnecessary hassle. This is great for saving time and it can also eliminate having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.


Why Should a Company Be Using Single-Sign On?


Although it may not seem like it at first, there are several reasons why a company should

Single Sign On

use Single-Sign On. The first reason a company should use Single-Sign On is that it increases the amount of work workers can perform. If a worker only has to type in 1 password and 1 username, then that will automatically save the worker some time. While only having to type in your password and username once may not save that much time, using Single-Sign On will greatly reduce the amount of times a worker forgets their password and username.

This will reduce the amount of times a worker will have to either look for their password and username or go through the process of having to change their password and username. This will then save that person a lot of time and help the company make money. Another reason companies should use Single-Sign On is that it can save the company money by reducing help desk costs. Help desk costs are the costs that you have to pay in order to have assistance with computer issues. Because Single-Sign On greatly reduces the amount of times someone will forget their password and username, workers won’t need assistance in changing their username or password as much. This means that the company will no longer have to pay huge fees just to have their employee’s username or password changed.


What Is OneLogin?


OneLogin is an identity and access management provider that provides security services to its customers. It is known for Single-Sign On, Cloud RADIUS, desktop authentication, multi-factory identification, user provisioning, Cloud directory, Web Access Management (WAM), Virtual LDAP, mobile identity management and adaptive authentication. In 2017, it was also ranked the #1 access management provider by Gartner Peer Insights. This ranking solidifies OneLogin’s quality rating, and shows just how good they are at access management.


All About OneLogin Desktop


One of the best features about OneLogin’s Single-Sign On service is that it offers OneLogin Desktop. OneLogin Desktop is an endpoint management system that lets its users combine their profiles into the OneLogin Cloud Directory. This means that once their profiles get put into the OneLogin Cloud directory, they can access all of their profiles without having to re-enter any of their profile’s sign in information. This will save the users time and make them less prone to lose their sign in information.


OneLogin Lets You Share Logins With Others


One of the advantages to using OneLogin is that it offers shared logins. Shared logins are when multiple people are allowed to have access to an account without having to give them the log in information to that account. This means that an employer can let its employee use a company account without knowing the account’s security information. This is crucial if an employee ends up leaving a company because then the employee will not be able to login to the account without the employer’s permission. This is a great safety measure against spiteful former employees and can make it easier for multiple people to use a single account.

Multiple Logins Are Possible With OneLogin


What I mean by multiple logins is having multiple logins for the same application. For example, if you have 5 gmail accounts you will be able to sign into all of them with a single password. This can greatly diminish the total time it takes to sign into all of your emails and give you more time to do other things.


Social Media and OneLogin


OneLogin has made it very easy for people to transition from social media accounts to a OneLogin account. They have made it so easy that you can link your social media sign in information to a OneLogin account and just use your social media sign in information to access the OneLogin Single-Sign On Portal. This means that you don’t have to go through the process of creating new login information for OneLogin and can use your pre-existing login information. This makes OneLogin super easy to use and further reduces the amount of login information you need.


Come Give OneLogin a Try!


In this article, I have gone over what Single-Sign On is, the benefits of a company using Single-Sign On and the many reasons to give OneLogin a try. With that being said, I would like to thank you for reading this article and I hope you give OneLogin a try.


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