6 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Home with Insights from Robert Deignan

6 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Home with Insights from Robert Deignan

Every homeowner knows that owning a home isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s hard work that requires vigilance and care. But what if you could make things a little simpler? Gadgets exist to make your home work for you. Plus, combined with the leading service of Robert Deignan and his team of tech experts at ATS Digital Services, any tech issues are easy to solve.

Technology moves at a dizzying speed that can leave you scrambling to keep up. The 21st century has given birth to the amazing Internet of Things. The Internet of Things means ordinary household items are now smart (connected to WiFi and each other). These advances have changed and will continue to change the way people live and interact with their homes.

And the changes are for the better. There is an amazing number of gizmos and gadgets designed specifically to make your life easier and more convenient. Here is a list of ten gadgets that are a must-have for any homeowner.

Smart TV

We’ll start with the obvious: the Smart TV. Nowadays, it is a challenge to even find a traditional TV, and why would you want to? Smart TVs are changing the way people watch television. Cable and other television providers are scrambling as people change their television viewing habits.

The Smart TV is a merger between television and computer. Users now have the option to download media from the internet or stream it. That means all your favorite television shows can be watched online. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and YouTube are all available at just the click of a button. It is also extremely easy to rent or purchase a great movie to enjoy. Of course, these advanced systems come with a little bit of complication, but Robert Deignan is looking to solve that through his work at ATS Digital Services.

Robot Vacuum

I’m guessing lugging the vacuum around and meticulously cleaning the house is not your favorite activity. Unsurprisingly, technology has the answer. Robot vacuums are an extremely popular item because of how easy they are to use. Just set it and forget it. Your robot vacuum is capable of deploying at a certain time of day and then returning to its charger when it is done.

The technology involved with robot vacuums is impressive and only getting better. For example, the robot vacuum has the capability to begin to adapt to its surroundings. That means the more it runs, the less it bumps into furniture and the more effectively it begins to clean. Vacuums on the market offer different impressive features. You can set your vacuum to clean the entire house or just one spot. For a more thorough clean, you can set the vacuum so that it will suck up debris with more force.

If you’d prefer to micromanage your vacuum, that is an option too. Some robot vacuums have remote controls so that you can easily spot clean or just relax on the couch while cleaning the home. Now we just need a vacuum that can climb the stairs and clean those as well… We’ll keep you updated. ATS Digital Services along with Robert Deignan will be there to provide tech support for your robot vacuum if you need it.

Smart Lock

The days of giving away spare keys are over. Smart locks are convenient and extremely useful. The smart lock can be connected to your phone and give you the power to control your door at the tip of your fingers. With your smart lock, you can easily grant keyless access to guests and family members through an app on your phone.

You can also track who comes in and out of the home—a nice way to know which of your loved ones are home. If you are someone who worries about whether you left the door unlocked, have no fear, you can simply check on your application whether the door is locked. And, if it isn’t locked, you can lock it remotely.

A smart lock installation goes right over your existing lock, meaning your regular keys will still work. It will take just a few minutes to get your smart lock installed. And with something as important as home security, you should have tech support similar to the service provided by Robert Deignan at ATS Digital Services.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere. While there is the obvious convenience factor, a smart thermostat brings more to the table. Homeowners that are gone on vacation can make sure a pipe doesn’t burst in frigid winter by turning on the heat during certain times of the day.

After a hard day at work, you can set your home to the perfect temperature. That way, by the time you walk in the door the house temperature feels just right. This is much more energy efficient than keeping the house at the temperature you like all day long.

Smart Kettle

Who would have ever thought we would need a smart kettle? Okay maybe we don’t need it, but smart kettles are extremely convenient. A smart kettle can be connected to an application on your phone. That means you can basically do anything remotely. Check the water level or temperature from the comfort of your bed. The kettle can be attached to a timer so the water’s hot by the time you wake up. Whether you’re a hardcore tea drinker or a parent who needs hot water for the baby’s bottle, you can’t go wrong with a smart kettle.


With all your new gadgets you’ll need an assistant to manage it all. An assistant is like your second-in-command, a machine you can give voice commands to that it communicates with all your smart devices. You can change the temperature in the house, start the kettle, or turn on the TV just by giving a command to your assistant. Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are three of the most popular assistants right now.

Your assistant is what makes the entire system cohesive. Everything becomes just a voice command away. Because all these devices are interconnected via the internet, the assistant will be able to control them all.

The future is here, and it is very convenient. Almost any household device you can imagine can be made smart, and chances are it will.


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