Woman Dies After Embalming Fluid Given Instead Of Saline


The embalming process takes place after someone has died. Unfortunately, a woman in Russia was embalmed by mistake while she was still alive. Ekaterina Fedyaeva was only 27 years old when she died after doctors gave her formalin through her IV instead of what was supposed to be saline. The young woman was supposed to have surgery and was admitted to the hospital. As with most other surgeries, a nurse started her IV so that she could receive medications and saline before and during the procedure. A horrible mistake happened because the solution bag contained a solution with formaldehyde in it instead of standard saline.

Formalin is a solution that is injected into the body when someone dies as a way to preserve them until they are buried so that the family an have a proper viewing and funeral with the casket open. The mother of the young woman is now considering a lawsuit and blaming the doctors at the hospital for their actions because they should have known what kind of fluid was being given to her daughter. Ekaterina’s death didn’t happen right away. She experienced seizures for two days before she lapsed into a coma.

While the young woman was on life support, her heart stopped beating multiple times, giving doctors and her family little hope that she would survive. She was taken to another hospital that doctors hoped would provide the care that she needed. When Ekaterina arrived at the hospital, she woke up for a short time, but her organs could not sustain her life. She passed away soon after arriving at the hospital. Her parents saw her when she was convulsing after the formalin had been given, and they knew that the doctors should have done something to try to help her. The doctors admitted that a mistake had been made, but little was done to rectify the situation.


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