Trump Supports States’ Rights For Marijuana Legality


Humans have used psychoactive substances – or, in more familiar terms, drugs – for thousands of years, if not tens of thousands of years. Despite this fact of life, and reasonings for the use of drugs including better mental and physical health and recreation, things that all humans in their right minds want from their lives here on planet Earth, drugs have been made illegal by various governments throughout the history of our species, arguably none as much as the United States of America in its largely-failed War on Drugs.

Some wonder why alcohol and tobacco are legal, and why cannabis isn’t, here in the United States of America. Whether you agree with the recreational or medical use of marijuana or not, it’s been proven to be many times safer than both alcohol and tobacco.

Even though a handful of states have legalized the “devil’s lettuce” in recent years, it seems as if the progression of cannabis-related laws in the United States isn’t growing as fast as it should, or, as fast as it seems it should.

According to United States Senator Cory Gardner, a Republican serving the pot-friendly state of Colorado, POTUS Donald Trump has backed his view regarding cannabis that each of the 50 states should be able to determine the legality of cannabis within their borders.

This comes as a surprise, as United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been notoriously strict against allowing the sticky-icky to be legal, decriminalized, or even allowed for medical use. Just three months ago, in January 2018, Sessions repealed the aptly-named Cole memo, a piece of federal law that provides states with more authority regarding enforcing their own state-wide views on the lax legalization or, on the other hand, the strict criminalization of marijuana.

Even the White House’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders backed up what Senator Gardner had to say regarding POTUS Trump’s views on states’ rights regarding marijuana. This comes as a deviation from a showing at a Maryland Conservative Political Action Conference in 2015, when Trump spoke out against marijuana’s recreational usage, calling it “bad.” He did, however, at the time support the medical use of cannabis.

Trump’s support for states being able to determine the legality of marijuana gives support for congresspeople like Mr. Gardner, as he immediately became worried following Jeff Sessions’ repeal of the Cole memo in January.


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