Trump Approval Rating Down, Democratic Enthusiasm Up In Latest Polling


Some of the latest legitimate polling is sure to have some Democrats very excited about the elections in November. What it shows is that the approval rating of the President dropped some four points in the last month while Democratic enthusiasm about voting has remained through the roof.

The poll in question as reported by CNBC is an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. The results show an approval rating of thirty-nine percent for the President compared to forty-three percent just one month ago. In addition to that, the poll asked both Republicans and Democrats about their interest in voting in the election later this year. Two-thirds of Democrats said that they were interested in doing so. That number was only about half of Republicans.

It seems that there has been a big backlash to President Trump both in the policies that he has championed but also in the way in which he carries himself and his administration. He has been far too abrasive for the likes of many people. They want to see someone who is a bit less confrontation and a bit more diplomatic when it comes down to it. To this point the President has now shown those two things to be his strong suit.

Enthusiasm generally does swing to the party that is not in power, and the Democrats currently are the minority across the board. While they do not hold the power in any branch of government at the moment, there is a decent chance that they could overtake the House of Representatives in the Fall elections. That would make a big difference as they would then be able to stall out any policy proposals that the President puts forward. They could literally put a stop to the whole functioning of government for the most part.

The ultimate goal for Democrats right now of course is to regain power in general for themselves. However, in the meantime a temporary grab of power of at least one of the chambers of Congress is definitely something that they are aiming for. After that, it is just a matter of working to build up the Party more and more until they get to the point where they are seen as a legitimate force to be reckoned with once again. It has been a while coming on that for them, so they must surely be excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


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