Starbucks Finds Itself In Hot Water


Black people – or African-Americans, if you’d rather be a PC bro – have been disadvantaged when compared to whites and Asians throughout the entirety of the establishment of the United States of America.

It all started with the Transatlantic slave trade, a collective business which hinged around powerful African leaders auctioning off their fellow citizens for both currency, fortunes, finished goods, commodities, and virtually everything else under the sun.

Slavery was allowed throughout the United States of America until 1864, when Abraham Lincoln abolished the practice in all states. Still, Southern states continued the practice – through in much smaller form than when slavery was at its height – until… Well, I guess they just couldn’t get away with it any longer.

Research indicates that people associate blacks with higher crime rates, and that whites are the “golden standard” across the nation. Even further, if we were to somehow push these prejudices out of the way, minorities often find housing in low-income neighborhoods.

Black people aren’t any more likely to commit crime than their white counterparts. However, people facing the struggles of generational are far more likely to engage in theft or robbery just to get by than people who haven’t been in such systematic oppression. `

Being viewed as racist is obviously bad, a name Starbucks could pick up if they’re not careful

Less than a week ago, a Starbucks employee in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has called 911 emergency services in response to – oh no… hide the kids, close your eyes! – two BLACK MEN SITTING IN THE STORE, WAITING ON THEIR FRIEND!!!!!

The two young men were escorted out of the store by a whopping six police officers. In handcuffs, because they acted with civility and were totally criminals.

That’s right – well, they two young men did engage in the suspicious activity of asking the barista to use the bathroom, because only inherently dangerous young black men from Philly obviously don’t have to poop or pee, rather solely reserving their use of bathrooms to carry out criminal activity.

Yes, I’m trying to be funny – but seriously, Starbucks could be screwed

Starbucks’ recipe for commercial success hinges on two basic principles: employees should be treated well and valued intangibly, and that good customer service should always be doled out to all who enter its store.

Oh well.


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