Ronny Jackson Facing Roadblocks In Trying To Get Accepted Into DVA


On March 28, 2018, Donald Trump kicked David Shulkin out as the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Such firing came weeks after a report filed by the United States inspector general that found Mr. Shulkin had taken a trip to London, England, United Kingdom, and Denmark that lasted a whopping 10 days, allegedly visiting Europe to take care of Veterans Affairs-related business, claiming that a break for personal vacation came in the middle of that ten-day long run that cost the United States and, in effect, its taxpayers roughly $122,000.

Via Twitter, Donald Trump’s official account made public that he would be appointing Ronny Jackson, the official physician of the White House, as the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Secretary to replace Shulkin.

Just like the entirety of all appointments that Donald Trump has made to various roles around the federal government’s various bureaus, Ronny Jackosn has struggled with actually getting confirmed to the head spot of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This lingering of the approval process has been further drawn out by the Senate Veterans Affairs committee – the United States Senate is home to countless committees that use expertise, reasoning, and debate to help sort issues out at the highest level of government – with is leading Democratic Senator Jon Tester postponing the process so he can have a reasonable amount of time to go look into allegations put forth by unnamed individuals that have either worked for the White House’s medical staff in the past or even currently on the roster.

As first quoted by CBS News, an unnamed person that currently works on the medical staff of the White House said that Ronny Jackson was guilty of “excessive drinking on the job,” as well as being so irresponsible as to “improperly [dispense] meds.”

Another source said that, if the aforementioned two allegations are found true, along with several other accusations that aren’t named in this article, such surfacing of that truth would “sink his nomination.”

Just a few days ago, the Senate committee – the United States Senate’s group of 21 federal senators that takes care of business at the highest level, and it looks exactly like a potential upcoming situation in which Mr. Ronny Jackson won’t ever be approved by the United States of America’s nationwide Senate, it seems like.

However, it’s not too late for Jackson, as Mike Pompeo was nearly almost shut down, too.


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