Pit Bull Attacks Young Boy In Florida


After visiting his neighbor’s home, a young boy is now in the hospital after recovering from a dog bite that happened on Wednesday. Noah Curiel is 10 years old and was bit on the face and other areas of his head by a pit bull. He needed surgery because the bites were severe, but he was smiling soon after while sitting up in his hospital bed. Noah went to his neighbor’s house to get a ball that had rolled away. The young boy did knock on the woman’s door, and she let him come into her home so that he could get his ball out of the yard.

The woman claimed that she had put her dog in a safe area, but the dog was loose. When the boy entered the home, the dog attacked him. Officers have tried contacting the woman, but she has not answered the phone and will not respond to any further types of communication. A news reporter managed to get the woman to come to a front window of the home, but she told them to leave before they were able to ask her any questions.

When asked about what the family wants to happen to the dog, Noah’s father offered that he just wants the woman to acknowledge the attack and to be a responsible pet owner. He also wants his son to feel like he is safe when he comes home from the hospital instead of fearing that the dog will attack him again. There is a possibility that Noah will need plastic surgery in the future. However, the swelling on his face and head are going down, and it appears that Noah will recover without any serious side effects. Noah should be able to leave the hospital sometime in the next week. The dog owner has not cooperated thus far, and there is a possibility that animal control will be called in to assist with the investigation.


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