Perry Mandera Sheds Light on the Inner Motives of a Prominent Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and Known Philanthropist, Parry Mandera

Perry Mandera is known for his charitable donations. As an entrepreneur with nearly four decades of experience in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera also served his country as a politician. Perry was elected to the position of Republican Ward Committeeman and remained in service until 1988. In 1986, Perry Mandera established The Custom Companies, Inc. with an intent to give back to his community.


Passionate about Helping Private Individuals and Charitable Organizations


Perry has always been enthusiastic about helping charitable organizations. His passion for helping others eventually led to founding Custom Cares Charities, Inc. where he addresses the needs of various charitable institutions. In addition, Perry Mandera donates his time to helping children, veterans, and victims of natural disasters (InsidePhilanthropy).


Distributing Food and Clothes to Chicago’s Needy Families


Custom Cares Charities, Inc. is an official 501(c)3 charitable organization responsible for distributing thousands of dollars to needy individuals and families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Custom Cares Charities, Inc. also provides support to various charities during the year. From funding youth team sports programs to helping abused children, Perry’s efforts create encouraging environments for youngsters.


Offering Ongoing Support to Various Charitable Endeavors


In addition, Perry Mandera has supported the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, the Jesse White Tumblers and Hurricane Katrina relief. These charities help needy people achieve financial stability while also providing support for underprivileged children. The Custom Companies, Inc. delivered free drinking water, food, beverages and other necessary supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims via his transportation services.


Spending Time Assisting Sports Enthusiasts Attain their Dreams


Additionally, Perry Mandera is an avid sports fan who has spent a considerable amount of time encouraging young baseball, football, and basketball players. Perry has also been a personal manager to a select group of professional boxers. In 1992, Perry coached Super Heavyweight contender Donnell “Doc” Nicholson. In 2004, Perry personally managed middleweight Olympic boxer “Irish” Andy Lee.


Donating Funds to AIDS and Cancer Research Teams


In an effort to make a difference within his community and throughout the world, Perry Mandera makes regular donations to researchers who are intent on finding a cure for HIV and AIDS. Plus, The Custom Companies, Inc. funds research teams seeking to find a cure for cancer. Perry is personally involved in helping charitable organizations discover innovative treatments for cancer patients. Furthermore, Custom Cares Charities, Inc. provides needed funds to numerous charities including the Girl Scouts of America, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation.


Offering Logistical Services Under One Roof


The Custom Companies, Inc. has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, with an additional facility in Los Angeles, California. Mandera’s company also has several satellite offices in various parts of the United States. His business offers numerous logistical services including transportation, domestic cartage, and storage facilities. Perry’s company was the first business to offer numerous transportation services under one umbrella. Today, businesses are able to receive trucking, freight, and shipping services from one company. Perry’s familiar “One Call Does It All” motto has resonated with his clients.


Providing Services Every Day of the Year


Many of the businesses on Perry’s list of steady customers include Fortune 100 companies. The Custom Companies, Inc. offers services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In addition, Perry is open for business on weekends and holidays. Plus, his company provides customers with attractive rates. Perry has added other amenities to his comprehensive list of transportation services that include labeling, routing, warehousing and distribution services.


Encouraging Employees to Get Involved in the Community


Perry’s religious ethics prompt him to encourage employees to make a difference in the community. His reputation as an honest entrepreneur has made a favorable impression on his workers and numerous loyal clients. Perry Mandera’s trustworthiness has enabled him to create a network consisting of 33 major distribution facilities. Plus, Mandera conducts business with 5,000 associates.


A Recipient of Numerous Awards


As a former member of the Marine Forces Reserve, Perry Mandera discovered a passion for transportation during his service in the motor pool. His job included driving large trucks and transporting equipment. After his honorable discharge, he eventually founded an initial company that was sold in 1985. Since his Honorable Discharge, his civilian activities led to numerous awards including The Illinois Crime Commission’s ISCC Citizen of the Year Award in 2011, The Illinois Crime Commission’s President’s award in 2013 and the Executive of the Year award from the Italian American Executives of Transportation in 2001.


A recent interview with Perry Mandera sheds further light on the man’s remarkable accomplishments. Here is a brief summary of some responses he offered:


When asked about what one thing a person should do on a daily basis, Perry Mandera replied that people need to let other people know they are grateful. Complimenting others and offering polite phrases such as “please” and “thank you” are extremely important in the business world. Perry believes that a top entrepreneur needs to associate with diligent employees and colleagues. His conviction is that business owners do not attract qualified people unless they display grateful attitudes.


When asked about the most important influences in his life, Perry Mandera mentioned Pastor Joel Osteen and Anthony Robbins. He said that both men emphasize positive thinking. Perry favors influential secular and religious leaders who focus on helping other people find purpose in their lives. He is a firm believer in the power of intentional thought. Perry said that people astonish themselves when realizing that they have not been using their gifts.


When Perry Mandera was asked to reflect on his daily routine, he spoke about the importance of maintaining relationships. Perry values the process of communication. Consequently, he makes an effort to eat his meals with other employees and vendors so that he can communicate his needs and listen to their requirements. He endeavors to create trust with clients, workers, and colleagues. In addition, Perry is a huge fan of technology, especially because the field has opened the door to better forms of communication. On an average, Perry writes approximately 300 emails each day in an effort to fortify his conviction that communication is one of the main components of running a successful business.


When asked about his charitable work, Perry Mandera admits that charitable giving is one of his top priorities. He thrives on helping others and believes that the Lord opened the door for him to assist other people. Whether assistance includes financial donations or providing complimentary transportation services, Perry Mandera wants to help people enjoy life and achieve their primary goals.

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