Jeunesse Global Sponsoring the Turkish Football Club Galatasaray SK

Jeunesse Global Sponsoring the Turkish Football Club Galatasaray SK

Jeunesse Global, the global health and beauty company that specializes in anti-aging skincare and nutritional products, is climbing into a new arena. They are entering the world of professional sports. With almost a hundred news outlets covering the event on February 20, at the Turk Telekom Arena, the famous Turkish football club Galatasaray SK announced to the world that they had entered a multi-year sponsorship with Jeunesse Global.

Galatasaray has a well-known history of being the most successful Turkish football (soccer) club. Founded in 1905, Galatasaray SK is part of the Galatasaray Sports Club, spanning 14 branches and 1,400 athletes.

Turkish Football Club Galatasaray SK, Now Sponsored by Jeunesse Global

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, otherwise known as FIFA, had conducted a recent survey that showed just how popular soccer really is. They reported that 265 million people across the globe are actively involved in soccer.

Galatasaray have won 20 Süper Lig titles, 17 Turkish Cups, and 15 Turkish Super Cups. They are one of only three teams that have participated in all seasons of the Süper Lig since 1959. They are also the only team that has won the Süper Lig in four consecutive seasons. As the years go by, their achievements only seem to grow.

It seems to be a natural thing then for Galatasaray, a top soccer organization, to be joining up with Jeunesse Global, a top company in their own field of manufacturing and selling skincare products and health supplements worldwide. Jeunesse is known for their amazing Luminesce skincare product line that includes a cellular rejuvenation serum, a moisturizing complex, and an anti-wrinkle facial cream. With multilingual customer service, back office support, and a global enrollment system, Jeunesse utilizes a cutting-edge platform to share innovative products, training, and support through 32 fully operational offices to markets in more than 140 countries.

Jeunesse Global, a top company in their own field of manufacturing and selling skincare products and health supplements worldwide

Galatasaray Sports Club Chairman Mustafa Cengiz pointed to the “joining of power” between the ever-expanding Jeunesse Global and one of the biggest football clubs in Europe. He is extremely pleased with the new partnership. This is not the first athletic sponsorship that Jeunesse has entered into.

Jeunesse has recently invested in several athletic sponsorships, including FC Seoul in South Korea and the SESC Volleyball Club in Brazil. By providing these sponsorships to well-known sports teams, Jeunesse is guaranteeing themselves a more globally recognized brand.

Galatasaray SK competes at the Turk Telekom Stadium. The stadium is located in the Seyrantepe quarter of the Sarıyer district, on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. The Turk Telekom Stadium can hold a total of 52,223 fans at their soccer games.

Chief Visionary Officer, Scott Lewis, commented: “We are excited to join forces with one of the most storied football clubs in Europe. Galatasaray SK is a well-liked and successful club with brand values that align with Jeunesse and our commitment to providing quality, innovation and a top-notch brand experience. We believe our products are a perfect match for Galatasaray’s passionate fan base, and we can’t wait for them to experience what it’s like to live Jeunesse.”

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