FEMA Dropped The Ball On Hurricane-Stricken Areas


Puerto Rico is one of the many areas that was ravaged by strong hurricanes in 2017. Some of the residents who live in these regions are still without power and are struggling to build their homes back to the way that they were before the hurricanes passed over. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is supposed to provide support for areas that have been impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Now, FEMA is being blamed because of a lack of coordination with the contracts that were supposed to be organized and the lack of funding that has been given to these areas to help them recover.

The agency is being faulted because no one carefully looked at the companies that secured the contracts that were given to determine if they could offer the services needed and if the companies had the resources available to provide the services in the future. A company in Florida won a $30 million contract by FEMA and was supposed to provide tarps and other plastic materials to people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria swept through. The company never supplies the materials. Phone calls and other methods of communication have gone unanswered.

Democrats are criticizing members of the Trump administration because of the failed efforts in providing support for Puerto Rico and areas of the United States impacted by Hurricane Maria and other strong storms. Bronze Star won the bid for providing plastic materials and was only developed a few months before winning the bid. Other companies have canceled bids that they have won after telling FEMA that they couldn’t provide the materials needed to areas impacted by hurricanes. The Homeland Security Department is looking into what can be done about the contracts and where FEMA should go from here in order to get the assistance needed to these areas before other storms occur.


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