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Stream is a highly modern company that keeps moving forward with the times.

The company’s services match its innovative ways. Stream invests time and money into programs and solutions that help women get ahead in business. On top of that, the company takes part in the renewable energy movement. Stream is more than just an energy company—it’s a conscious and forward-moving leader in the world of energy and home life services.

Stream Energy customers can save a lot of money by bundling their energy and home life services together. They can also get the peace of mind that comes with being protected through credit monitoring, identity protection, tech support, and more. Stream is run with the help of Independent Associates who sell the company’s services and help educate people about smarter ways to fulfill their energy needs.

Stream Energy
Stream Energy’s Women of Power

Women stand out as some of the best Independent Associates at Stream.

Their success rate has shown the company that it needs to continue to foster their talent. To do just that, Stream Energy has created a program called Women of Power. This program is led by the top female leaders working for the company. Bernadette Clark Wright is one of these Women of Power and she shared her story at a Stream event, speaking on how she has added hundreds of people to her family through the network of Independent Associates. The way she learned about the business is not unusual. Her friend showed her how Independent Associates operate at a time when she had been looking for a change in her life. Bernadette wanted to spend more time outside of work with her family and on other activities.

So, Bernadette went to a Stream meeting with her friend. She said there were probably a thousand people present there. Some were highly successful people—millionaires and political figures. Bernadette thought to herself, “They know something I don’t know. There’s a reason why I’m here.”

Bernadette signed on with Stream shortly after, but she continued to work full time practicing law for another year, until she received a very excited phone call from her friend. Her friend had just received a twelve dollar check from Stream. Bernadette didn’t understand why she felt so happy about it. Her friend explained, “we didn’t do anything and I got a twelve dollar residual income check. What if we actually did something?”

The pair of them decided to get on a plane to go to Dallas in order to learn more about what they could do to actually grow their business. They listened to the Senior Director at the time recount his experience in the NFL. Bernadette said that with that, Stream Energy became not only her answer for gaining more time with family, but that she could feel that this business could and would work.

Bernadette said that Stream is not a “get rich quick” scheme, nor is it an easy business to build up. But she also notes that nothing worth having in your life is going to come easy. “Winning starts with a W because it requires work,” she emphasized. Bernadette also talked about Stream’s recent expansion to Illinois. While Stream has the robustness and infrastructure of a large company, it still continues to provide individuals with ground-floor opportunities to succeed.

If she had never joined Stream, Bernadette would still be practicing law. She would still be drowning in that work. She said that Stream has presented her with not just a business opportunity but also a way to make new friends and a way to make a residual income.

Working for Stream is about the journey.

It’s about change. It’s about people not being satisfied with the way that their life is currently going, and deciding to be better than the negativity that’s putting them down. It’s about changing regardless of your environment and your current situation in order to make a better life for yourself.

As a company, Stream Energy has proven results and a repeatable system in place. There’s a reason why so many people are drawn to it and stick with it. It’s a life-force for those who know that there’s a better way to earn money than a nine to five job. The Women of Power at Stream know this, as do the other Independent Associates. Stream is about woman-power and people-power. The system of network marketing is the future of business, and Stream is ahead of the curve. With over ten years in business and over a million customers, Stream is not stopping anytime soon either.

The business only revolves around services that everybody needs, so there’s no fluff.

Being an Independent Associate is about providing your immediate community with smarter energy and other home and life services, not about selling things that people don’t really need.

Stream is also about uplifting independent associates, so that they can provide for themselves and their families. On a wide-scale social level, Stream also works to raise women up and help them become pillars of success in their communities.

Stream deals with the practical services that we need to live our daily lives.

The company relies on the relationships that people have already cultivated. Everyone needs energy, wireless, and protective services. Since these are services that all people need, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find people who are interested in switching to Stream. Other companies don’t have the programs that Stream Energy has to boost up the efforts of women, renewable energy, and other forward-thinking ideas. Stream is one of a kind in the services and programs that it offers.


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