Strange Sightings In The Arizona Sky


UFO sightings are not anything new, but the number of pilots reporting sightings in recent months has seemed to increase. Just last month in Arizona, two different pilots reported seeing an unidentified object in the sky while they were flying separate planes. They made the reports to the Federal Aviation Administration so that the information would be on record. There has been an audio file released with the pilots making the call and talking about seeing the object.

The pilots saw the object on February 24, and the sightings were reported only a few minutes apart. They were flying near the border of Arizona and New Mexico when they saw something shimmering in the sky. This information is interesting because there have been a few military pilots who have made reports of UFOs as well. Some of the sightings have been in the same area while others have been in different states. The Pentagon normally keeps information like this quiet, but with the release of this new information, there are questions about whether Pentagon officials know something that the American people need to know as well.

One of the pilots clearly asks the air traffic control tower if anyone was flying overhead in the audio clip that has been released. When the controller responds that no one was in the area at the time, the pilot begins to describe what he’s seeing. A few moments later, another pilot makes a similar call to the controller. The descriptions reported are similar to each other. The pilots chuckle when one of them claims that it’s a UFO. However, there is no denying that it was a UFO and no admission that it was another type of aircraft that was supposed to be in the area. Officials are investigating and gathering further evidence to piece together what happened that day.


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