The Revolutionary Benefits of Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry Home Solution
Siteline Cabinetry Home Solution

The Corsi Group has introduced a new line of cabinets that is transforming the way interior designers do business. The traditional cabinet manufacturing model has serious flaws because it forces the inexperienced final customer to make buying decisions while making it difficult for designers to apply their expertise during the selection process. With Siteline Cabinetry, designers can work directly with a manufacturer that is dedicated to offering high-quality prefabricated units with maximum customizability. Siteline Cabinetry has also leveraged modern technology to streamline the ordering process and reduce lead times. Kitchen designers who work with Siteline cabinetry can improve the quality of their designs while reducing costs for their customers.


The Innovative Siteline Cabinetry Solution

The founder of the Corsi Group, Pat Corsi, recognized significant problems in the cabinet manufacturing industry. Homeowners would almost always employ the services of a professional designer before building a new kitchen, but cabinet manufacturers would often want to work with the final customer directly in an attempt to increase sales. Although homeowners could often be upsold on more expensive cabinets, manufacturers would ignore how higher-quality products might not be aligned with a project’s budget or plan. Additionally, the prefabricated units available from leading manufacturers offer limited customizability while conventional custom solutions are infeasible when working with an average budget. Pat Corsi, therefore, decided to launch Siteline Cabinetry as a product line dedicated to helping designers add value by maximizing customization without exceeding a homeowner’s budget.


An Improved Buying Process

A designer has to make use of advanced drafting software to stay competitive in today’s world, and design applications enable an unlimited degree of customization. Unfortunately, the prefabricated units available from major manufacturers fail to help a designer add value since only a couple of options are offered in most cases. Modern machinery, however, can use information from drafting software to cut any shape at no additional cost. Siteline Cabinetry leverages the full potential of a designer’s capabilities by offering custom solutions that are compatible with modern technology. Additionally, since Siteline Cabinetry will only work with professional designers, there is no risk of either the homeowner or the manufacturer interfering with the integrity of a design.


ERP Systems That Add Value

One of the primary advantages of Siteline Cabinetry is its enterprise resource planning systems that give designers control over the buying process while improving the quality of finished products. Designers who partner with Siteline cabinetry gain access to ERP systems that enable orders to be placed online. The ERP systems can also be used to track orders throughout the buying process so that designers can plan ahead as the final shipment date approaches. Siteline still retains a helpful team of support personnel who can assist designers when challenges arise in the buying process, but designers can find most of the information they need in real time using the online ERP portal.


Four-Week Lead Times

Another major advantage of Siteline cabinetry’s ERP systems is the reduced lead times that data-driven technologies facilitate. Siteline cabinetry worked with qualified engineers to develop a manufacturing facility capable of truly achieving lean manufacturing. A production process driven by technology enables Siteline cabinetry to organize workflows in a way that minimizes the time necessary for production while cutting costs. Unlike conventional custom manufacturers that can take months to deliver their products after an order has been placed, Siteline Cabinetry can offer lead times as low as just four weeks. As Siteline continues to grow, the company will strive to cut lead times even further to add maximum value for its customers.


Improving Quality by Working With Designers

In addition to cutting costs and lead times, Siteline Cabinetry’s business model also helps to improve the quality of finished products for the final customer. The key to Siteline cabinetry’s capabilities is the expertise of designers who provide the input for technology-driven customization. Siteline cabinetry partners with designers to help them understand how to leverage its ERP systems to improve customization within the limits of modern machine technology. Designers can also receive a significant amount of assistance from Siteline cabinetry throughout the buying process to help improve the quality of a design given to the final customer.


Leveraging the Experience of the Corsi Group

Siteline cabinetry is the product of 45 years of hard work by Pat Corsi and the team that manages the Corsi Group. By striving to achieve excellence through innovation, the Corsi Group has developed a competitive business model that other manufacturers struggle to match. Pat Corsi started the Corsi Group from humble beginnings using a loan from the Small Business Administration, and the company has continued to expand using retained earnings. In addition to the 97,000-square-foot facility in Keysville, Va., used for Siteline cabinetry, the Corsi Group has manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis and West Virginia.


Siteline Cabinetry’s Capabilities

The new facility used for Siteline cabinetry was opened in 2015. The original facility had 50,000 square feet of floor space, but an additional 47,000 square feet was added to increase Siteline cabinetry’s capabilities. Siteline cabinetry makes use of a vertical oven that has a 500-foot conveyor belt to process materials on an industrial scale. There are two painting areas that offer a total of 289 finish options for designers, and the company has a CNC router that can cut custom designs from three-dimensional models. Overall, Siteline Cabinetry’s facility is equip with the latest technology to maximize customization.


Infrastructure for Growth

Siteline Cabinetry believes in the long-term value of its business model, so the company was in no hurry to expand when it first launched. The incremental approach that was used for expansion enabled Siteline cabinetry to optimize every aspect of its production process using the expertise of skilled engineers. Siteline cabinetry continues to employ engineers who work to optimize the efficiency of the facility in Keysville. The Corsi Group was careful to select a facility that could be expanded to accommodate further growth, and this extra space may become necessary in the near future as Siteline cabinetry continues to win over designers with its innovative business model.

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