New Details Emerge In Donald Trump’s Alleged 2006 Extramarital Affair


Stephanie Clifford is reportedly suing Donald Trump to formally void a non-disclosure agreement between the pair. Clifford and her legal team claim that the NDA is already voided due to Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, speaking out on the topic in a way that ran against the terms and conditions of the legally-binding agreement. However, Ms. Clifford and team believe formalizing a void of the decade-old NDA is necessary to serving her best interest.

So Here’s How It All Went Down – Allegedly

Legend has it that current United States President Donald J. Trump had an extramarital affair in 2006 with adult film star Stephanie Clifford, who has since retired, but formerly worked primarily as Stormy Daniels, just weeks after wife Melania Trump gave birth to Donald’s baby, Barron.

Clifford – just for clarification, she’s typically referred to in news media circles as Stormy Daniels, Daniels, or Ms. Daniels, though since she’s currently retired from performing in the adult film industry, it’s only fair to refer to Stephanie Clifford by her government-identified name – alleges the affair took place at a 2006 golf tournament held in Lake Tahoe.

Ms. Clifford Isn’t The Only Adult Industry Star Claiming Extramarital Events Took Place

Former Playboy model – in fact, the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the year – Karen McDougal claims she, too, had an affair with Donald Trump at the same event. McDougal was not married at the time, although Trump verifiably was.

Even though Ms. Karen McDougal hasn’t been mentioned in news circles as frequently or as thoroughly as Ms. Stephanie Clifford, the allegations by McDougal were initially released some years ago, and not since Donald Trump had been running for United States presidency.

More Details Of Ms. Clifford’s Story, Explained

According to Ms. Clifford and attorneys acting in her interest, no non-disclosure agreement was signed until just weeks before the 2016 presidential election. The former Stormy Daniels had desired to take her story public about the extramarital affair – it’s noteworthy that Clifford/Daniels did not have a spouse or boyfriend at the time; only Donald Trump was in a relationship, as he was married to still-current wife Melania Trump – at that time, though Trump and team had paid her a cool $130,000 for her to not spill the proverbial beans.

Trump’s lawyer, Daniel Cohen, drafted the NDA – aka a “hush agreement” – that named Trump as “David Dennison” and Clifford as “Peggy Peterson.”


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