Kathy Griffin Announces Return to Stand-Up Tours


Kathy Griffin recently announced that she was returning to television after the kerfuffle with her mocked-up beheading of Donald Trump. Griffin made her announcement while serving as a guest on a recent episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher” and also commented on the scandal that ensued from her exertion of free speech.

Griffin remarked that she was looking to get back into touring despite the hatred many, including the White House, have for her. She has booked two shows in the United States: the first will be at New York’s Carnegie Hall and the second will be in Washington’s Kennedy Center. While she was visibly excited about performing, she remarked that the journey has been trying, especially with little support from the generic public. She followed up the comment by thanking Maher for his support of her actions.

2017 saw Griffin stir up controversy for releasing a photograph with her holding a fake head of Donald Trump in one hand and a blade in the other. The photo quickly went viral, earning Griffin a sizeable number of death threats from Trump’s base, criticism from the media and charged with conspiratorial assassination of the American President. Furthermore, Griffin was fired from her co-hosting job on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.

After struggling to find work domestically, Griffin sought to earn laughs from an international tour of 23 countries and 15 cities. During this time, Griffin was detained at every airport, had has passport scanned, had her devices confiscated and was put at the mercy of one or two people. Griffin remarked that she was placed on Interpol’s list for international criminals.

While she commented that she would rethink the controversial photo of a decapitated septuagenarian, Griffin also joked about changing it to a photo involving a mock Mike Pence. Other guests on the show featuring Griffin included Ana Navarro of CNN, conservative blogger Erick Erickson, Bari Weiss, the staff editor for the New York Times and Trae Crowder, a second stand-up comedian.


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