Fitness Trainer Says Women Should Make Fitness Their Top Priority


A few years ago, Alexis Campbell decided that she needed help getting back in shape. The experience that she had inspired her to get her personal training certification. She has her own fitness company called Copell Fit Chicks. When she is not training at the gym, she is spending time with her family. Alexis is married and has three sons. She likes to read and watch movies in her spare time.

She stated that her main fitness goal is to be healthy. She stated that health is not something that is going to look the same for everybody. She believes that health is not a destination. It is a journey. She recommends that people do cardio and weight training in order to maintain a healthy body weight or lose weight.

Alexis also stated that the thing that she is most passionate about is helping women get healthy. Women have a tendency to put themselves behind everyone else. Alexis says that if women do not take care of themselves, then they cannot help anyone else. She believes that healthy living is worth the investment. She wants to help women not only look good, but she also wants them to feel good about themselves.

Alexis has been in fitness since she was a young child. She was involved in dance and continued to dance until she had her children. She still continued to go to the gym, but her body was different than it was before. She needed help getting in shape. She joined a bootcamp called Texas Fit Chicks. She was pushed past her comfort zone, and this helped her get in shape.

Alexis was able to get amazing results in a short amount of time. She loved the fact that the focus was on overall health and the people were supportive.


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