Closure Of Funeral Home After Unsanitary Conditions Found


After ashes were found near the remains of a dog and other animals, a funeral home in Michigan closed abruptly. Officials working with the state entered the funeral home and explored the exterior of the building and discovered that the conditions of the interior and exterior were both hazardous and not fit for people to work around. It was because of these reasons that the funeral home was closed.

The Charles G. Parks Funeral Home has received several violations about the conditions that officials saw when they investigated. The embalming room had rust inside. There was also rust on the tables and the equipment that was used in the embalming room and other areas of the funeral home. There has been no indication that the rust transferred to any of the people who were embalmed or cremated, but this is an issue that has resulted in the closure of the business. The sinks in the funeral home were also dirty. Trash bins were overflowing, and there was trash on the floor. Many of the tools used in the embalming room appeared as though they had not been cleaned.

When officials started looking outside, they saw evidence of worms and the ashes of people who had been cremated next to those of pigs and dogs. There were also issues with the funeral home charging people too much money and not returning those funds when it was discovered that the fees were too high. Bodies were found to be stored improperly after they were embalmed, and the caskets used were dirty. Some of the caskets were made of wood, which is not what people wanted for their loved ones. After the funeral home was closed, the license to operate was suspended. Officials are working to gather more evidence and are working to examine other funeral homes to ensure that they are operating properly.


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