The Probe for the Russian Involvement in Trump’s campaign dominates House Hearing on Threat Assessment


Members of the Republican Party have resisted requests by the liberals for the American intelligence community to give their global threat Congressional report. This move is meant to prevent a potential showdown with the FBI director over the Trump investigation on Russian involvement in his 2016 presidential campaign. This news has been from two sources from the Democratic Party who sought to remain anonymous. The leaders of the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives who hail from the Republican Party have not scheduled the annual hearing in the coming Committee meetings.

On Tuesday the Word threat assessment was presented to the US Intelligence committee by chiefs of the US intelligence community. They included the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray and National Intelligence Director, Dan Coats. If the intelligence chiefs had been brought to the House Intelligence Committee, legislators from the Democratic Party would have certainly fronted the question of the material omissions of fact to the director of the FBI. The FBI found this information in a memo that had been classified by the conservatives which had been released last month. the memo asserted the bias by the US Department of justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations against Us President trump in seeking a warrant in 2016 to have communications of Carter Page monitored.

Carter Page formerly served as an advisor to President Donald Trump. Another US official who also sought to have his identity remain anonymous confirmed that no invitations had been sent to the leading Intelligence agency chiefs. The spokesperson for the chairman of the committee, Jack Langer replied to make any comment on the issue. Jack Langer is a faithful supporter of the Trump administration and its policies. The dispute that is currently ongoing between the Republican Party which is loyal to the White House and the US intelligence community is a clear indication that there is something that is currently on the table.

During the 2016 presidential campaigns, the Kremlin has been accused of allegedly spreading misinformation through hacking of mainstream social media platforms to meddle the election in favor of the then Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Trump has dismissed an investigation by one British counsel Robert Mueller and three other Congressional probes as a reckless witch hunt. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has said that there were no attempts by the Kremlin to interfere with US elections.


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