President Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps for the Poor with Packaged Food Deliveries


The US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump is actually considering to replace some portions of the food stamp program by the federal government with boxes of actual food which will be delivered to recipients on their front doors. This is set to put the American government directly in-charge of what goes to the lunch and dinner plates of low-income households who according to the US Bureaus of Statistics amount to about 16 million. Milk Mulvaney who currently serves as the White House Budget director said that the program will be similar to the meal-kit delivery service which has for years proven to be very dominant. Mulvaney said that the program will be the most dominant idea in the proposed budget by the White House.

While talking to reporters on Monday, Mulvaney said that he was not interested in the theft of someone else’s copyright and that the food stamp recipients in the US would be receiving actual food instead of cash. The program would represent a significant undertaking in terms of logistics for the federal bureaucracy that the White House and the Trump administration have time and time again claimed to be wasteful and unwieldy. The president said that the proposed boxes of food would go to American low-income households that have qualified to be receiving a monthly $90 in the form of food stamps from the federal government. These will comprise 81% of the American citizens who are under a program known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

As of today, those Americans who are under the SNAP program have the right to make a decision on what to spend the cash on whenever they are doing some shopping in a verified retail store. According to the summary of the proposal that has been issued by the Department of Agriculture suggested that the boxes would replace about 50% of the cash benefits under the current food stamp program. The Agriculture Department has said that all the food that will be delivered to eligible recipients will be grown in the United States and will include beans, canned meat, pasta, juice and other Shelf-stable foods.

The USDA has said that the program will save the federal government more than $129 billion in a period of ten years which is set to be driven by the unique purchasing power of the US government. Mulvaney said that the program will significantly lower the costs of feeding the low-income households in the US.


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