Mexico Earthquake Shakes The Nation


Mexico was ravaged by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake on Friday, February 16th, that rendered just short of one million structures – including residential spaces like homes and apartments, as well as business entities’ shops and facilities – unable to operate electrical devices.

The United States Geological Survey, the go-to when it comes to earthquakes and other geological events, found that the earthquake occurred roughly 15 miles deep into the Earth’s crust, the epicenter being roughly 90 miles from the coast of Oaxaca, one of the 31 states in Mexico.

Immediately following the earthquake, a helicopter with a handful of government officials crashed, causing at least two people to pass away. Although the interior minister of Mexico and the governor of Oaxaca were both on board, neither of the senior officials perished.

The United States Geological Survey found that the powerful earthquake caused a whopping 225 aftershocks, which caused residents of Mexico harmed most by the earthquake to feel scared of the potential of more earthquakes immediately following the 7.2-magnitude monster.

Although technology designed to sense earthquakes before they happen wasn’t able to provide residents of Oaxaca with warnings days or hours in advance of the terrible natural disaster on Friday, Mexico City’s seismic alarm went off roughly 72 seconds before tremors struck the country’s mainland, which allowed residents to flee their buildings in the name of safety.

Jamiltepec, Oaxaca, is said to have suffered more damage than any other city in the state of Oaxaca. Although the town was fortunately small, a whopping 50 homes and buildings were damaged, if not entirely destroyed. Two electric cables held in the air touched one another and caused a fire to break out alongside a local highway.

At least one major highway was blocked because of rubble falling in the way, officials indicated.

Pemex, a large energy company known for harvesting oil from reserves deep within the Earth, fortunately didn’t experience any damage to its oil rig structures in the ocean. Its largest refinery is about 240 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter, keeping it out of harm’s way.

Residents of Guatemala, a country in Central America, reported that they were able to feel tremors as a result of the earthquake. Mexico City buildings were said to have swayed back and forth for slightly more than 60 seconds as seismic alarms pierced the ears of Mexican citizens, visitors, and other residents of the Mexican state.


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