Drew Madden Discusses New Healthcare Advances

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2017 proved to be a big year for an insurgence in medical technology

One would think that in 2017, the need for paper in the healthcare industry was incredibly low. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Only one-tenth of hospitals throughout the United States indicate that they are able to rely completely on digital record keeping. Access to patient data has been a longstanding problem in the healthcare information technology industry—and it’s an issue that Drew Madden wants to tackle firsthand. When merely 54% of referrals of patients are converted to an appointment, it is clear that the process needs to be examined and improved with the help of medical technology in an effort to boost service efficiency and improve patient care.


Drew Madden also has the ability to spot a deficit in healthcare tech. That’s exactly what he has done with the way medical record keeping software works and speaks with other components of a hospital’s infrastructure. Patient health and the revenue flow of a healthcare network depends on a communicative organization, because without it the potential for profit will be reduced and people might even die as a result of miscommunication. That’s why the medical community ecosystem has to be ameliorated quickly, especially as the world increasingly moves to a totally digital platform for pretty much everything. That’s why it’s increasingly important for platforms such as EPIC, Allscripts, and eClinicalWorks to continue to adopt new ways to help hospitals and health networks keep up with cutting-edge technology that preserves trust amongst patients and stakeholders alike.


When companies like Apple get into the game with their smartphones acting as a way through which patients can connect with their healthcare network, healthcare experts like Drew Madden get excited. Now, patients will be able to download their medical records, clinical data, and other information onto their iPhone—something that Drew Madden calls a game changer in the healthcare tech world. “Instead of waiting for something to come via email or mail,” Madden explained, “patients can have instantaneous access to their entire medical history.”


The New York Times recently reported that several major health networks ranging from Cedars-Sinai to Johns Hopkins are participating in a test rollout of a state-of-the-art, built-in app, with more hospitals and health networks on the way. Drew Madden said that Apple made the right decision in keeping with its time-honored tradition of prioritizing privacy and limiting access to the medical data stored on secure encrypted servers to the patients and hospital staff.


Drew Madden is a passionate advocate for innovation in healthcare technology. When he speaks, inventors, angel investors, and startup executives listen. He has spent over a decade collaborating with the best and brightest in the industry to implement, optimize, troubleshoot, and take on the complex challenges that accompany an EMR project.


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