America Warns About the Expanding nuclear capabilities in Pyongyang


On Tuesday, a US envoy said that Pyongyang is only a few months away from having a nuclear warhead that will have the capacity to strike the continental United States and must be disarmed as soon as possible. The official dismissed the diplomatic efforts by North Korea with Seoul to be a charm offensive that failed to fool or even entice anyone. In a diplomatic event in the conference on disarmament that was sponsored by the United Nations, Pyongyang responded by blaming the United States for fueling confrontations and tensions on the Korean peninsula. North Korean officials blamed Washington for the deployment of nuclear assets in proximity to the Korean Peninsula including nuclear-powered Aircraft carriers and that the Trump administration was planning to carry out pre-emptive strikes against Pyongyang.

Robert Wood who serves as the American ambassador for disarmament said that the repressive regime in Pyongyang is relentless in its pursuit for nuclear weapons through its missile program which has represented a significant threat to the US and her allies in the region that has been historically unstable. Mr. Wood said that Kim Jong Un had given apparent indications that he is not going to abandon his ballistic nuclear missile program and is only months away from obtaining a nuclear charged ballistic missile with the capacity to strike any major city in the United States. Last week, the Trump administration outlined a new nuclear policy which reaffirms that the illegal weapons program that is currently being pursued by the Kim regime must be irreversible, verifiably and eliminated which will result in a fully denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

However, Robert Wood said that the US did not have any new information that it could share with the press when asked the basis on which Washington has concluded that Kim’s nuclear weapons program may be months away from having the capacity to strike the continental United States. Last year in July, Kim Jong Un tested his first intercontinental ballistic missile known as the Hwasong-14. The Hwasong-15 was tested in November 2017 which weapons system experts said that it had the capability of striking continental US at a moment’s notice. However, it is not clear whether Pyongyang can launch a nuclear charged intercontinental ballistic missile. Both the United States and the Un General Assembly have imposed tight economic sanctions on North Korea in a bid to starve them of the resources and manpower that is behind the weapons program. Pyongyang has responded by terming the sanctions as an act of war.


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