After 10 Years, Lost Dog is Reunited with Family


Losing a beloved pet can be heartbreaking for any family. Many people do what they can to help prevent this from happening, such as by buying a tag for their pets’ collars and investing in microchipping. Even though these tactics can sometimes work, unfortunately, some pets can still go missing.

This is what happened to a Pennsylvania family. Ten years ago, their black Labrador retriever, Abby, disappeared from their family home about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.

When Abby first disappeared, the family worked hard to try to find her. She had been microchipped, so they held out hope that someone would find her and let the family know where she was located. As time went on, however, the family began to lose hope. After a while, they started to worry that Abby had died.

On January 27, however, Abby was found. A man who lived about 10 miles west of the family found a black lab on his front porch one day, unsure of where she had came from. He contacted the authorities, who picked her up. She was then checked for a microchip, which brought up information that allowed her original owners to be found after 10 years.

The family says that Abby seems to have been taken care of over the years. She seemed to be in good physical shape to the family, although she was certainly showing signs of her age much more than she was when she disappeared 10 years ago. The family was even surprised to find that she still knew some of the tricks that they had taught her as a young dog. The entire family is overjoyed to know that their beloved Abby is back in their home and that she was properly taken care of for all of these years. The family even plans to have a celebratory dinner to celebrate the fact that their pet has finally made her way back home.


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