The US Advises Travelers to North Korea to make funeral Arrangements.


The US State Department has issued a warning that all American citizens who are making arrangements to pay a visit to the repressive North Korean regime should prepare a will and make funeral arrangements before boarding that flight. The State Department has also said that such people should designate the carers of their pets and children before even thinking to buy the air ticket to Pyongyang. The fresh travel advisory was issued last week and made its ways to mainstream media through fox news.

It comes at a time when new rules have been imposed that require American citizens to make individual applications to travel to hermit kingdom which is only issued under rare circumstances. The travel ban was enforced when the North Korean authorities arrested an American student and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a Pyongyang maximum security facility. The 22-year old was returned home last year while in a coma and passed on after a short period. The US State Department has issued a caution that it is not in a capacity to offer assistance to any victims in North Korea since they don’t have a consulate or an embassy in Pyongyang.

The recommendation says that anyone who is making plans to travel to North Korea should draft an appropriate document that will highlight health and life insurance beneficiaries and also a will should be necessary. The recommendation continues to note that such travelers should make an effort to designate care for their pets and children to other people and highlight the successors of their non-liquid assets, property, and real estate. In November of last year, the president of the United States designated North Korea as one of the countries that sponsored state terrorism. In 2001, President Bush also said that the regime in Pyongyang was responsible for the funding of global terrorism and called it an axis of evil together with Iraq and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

North Korea has also been classified under the level 4 travel threat which is the highest that can be issued by the US State Department. Level 4 threat travel advisory has also been issued against war-torn countries such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. The travel advisory has also been released at a time that the North Koreans have opened talks with the South Korean counterparts after two years of no contact.


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