Travel Scam Warning


You may have been contacted via email saying that you can sales on hotels, flights, rental cars and entire trips. However, these emails are not being sent out by travel agents. They are being sent out by criminals. Liv Rowley is an intelligent analyst. She spends her days watching out for fraud on the web. She stated that there are scammers who promise people that they can get anything you want.

Liv stated that there is not one person behind these scams. There are several fraudsters who are making false promises to people. It is common for people to work in groups in order to deceive people. Liv stated that it is important to warn people about the potential dark side of the web.

Scammers will steal your flight miles and then sell them to criminals. The criminals can take the stolen hotel points and put them together for a hotel. When many people commit a crime, they try to keep it a secret. However, many of these scammers have no shame in what they are doing. In fact, Liv stated that she has seen people bragging about taking people’s points.

Many people do not realize that their points have been stolen until months later. Emily Mcnulty says that this is one of the reasons that travel agents are able to get away with what they are doing. This is unfortunate, but there are some things that you can do in order to protect yourself.

You will need to use a strong password for all of your accounts. It is wise to use different passwords for every account that you have. You will also need to sign up for alerts. If someone redeems your points, then you will know immediately. Emily recommends that you treat miles as if they are dollars.


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