Tehran Threatens severe response To US Sanctions


The regime in Iran has slammed the decision by the US president Donald trump of targeting their judiciary chief with sanctions. Tehran said that such a move deserves a severe response. On Friday, President Trump was seen to avoid upending the Iranian nuclear deal that he has repeatedly blamed and criticized the Obama administration for negotiating it. He, however, agreed to waive major economic sanctions that had been lifted by President Obama as part of the nuclear pact.

President Trump would further couple the announcement with father sanctions to a total of 14 citizens and companies of Iran including the chief of the judiciary in Tehran, Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani. In a statement that was released on Saturday, January 13, 2018, the minister of foreign relations in Iran said that the trump administration was conducting an act against their country that was illegal and at the same time hostile by including their chief of the judiciary in the list of sanctioned companies and individuals. The foreign minister added that that the US president had gone way beyond all behavioral redlines that are acceptable internationally.

He added that the response by Tehran would be very severe and that the United States would be responsible for the consequences that will follow as a result of that hostile and illegal act. Most of those sanctions including the ones imposed on Iran’s judiciary chief came as a consequence of the crackdown by the government of its citizens who were protesting peacefully last week. The demonstrations were staged all across Iran in efforts by citizens to show their discontent with the way the current regime is governing the country. Other protests had been staged in opposition to Iran’s ballistic nuclear missile program. However, it is worthy of note that all these areas that Iranians are complaining about are outside the scope of the nuclear deal.

On a tweet on Friday, Mohammed Javad Zarif, the foreign relations minister in Iran said that the US must be in strict adherence to the terms of the deal just like what was expected of Tehran. The minister was tweeting referring to the nuclear agreement that was negotiated by European powers such as Germany and France. China and Russia were also involved in the negotiations. The foreign affairs deputy minister in Moscow, Sergei Ryabkov noted that Russia has a very pessimistic stance on the documents and decisions made by the American president about the Iran nuclear deal. The deputy minister added that their worst expectations and fear were transforming into reality.

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