Siteline Cabinetry Is Offering Innovative Cabinet Solutions

Remodeling Companion
Siteline Cabinetry is Your Remodeling Companion

When shopping for a new cabinet, you come across many choices and details. This information may be overwhelming and confusing. With a variety of colors, finishes, materials and style, Siteline Cabinetry delivers what clients’ envision for their laundry, mudroom, bathroom, closet and kitchen area. Incorporated in 2015 by the Corsi Group, Siteline Cabinetry features unique products for every homeowner and home. In a matter of weeks, the well-trained professionals of the company can deliver a new look for any room in your home.

Pat Corsi incorporated Corsi Group in 1973. Today, the company has recruited the services of 200 employees in three locations. Siteline Cabinetry manufacturing line is based in Keysville, Virginia. The company uses contemporary, transitional and traditional styles to develop the cabinets.

At Siteline, consumers have the latitude to choose from the unique pre-configured cabinet designs. In addition, they can come up with their own custom finish to install in their houses. Siteline Cabinetry offers more than 270 materials and finishes, thus availing more control to homeowners over the remodeling project. Some of the available options are Thermofoil finishes, maple paint colors and inserts, high-gloss acrylic as well as metal door and wood-grain finishes. When you decide to install a new Siteline Cabinetry in your house, you will be allowed to make decision over the detail work and custom design.

When investing in a custom cabinetry, you are eager to see completion of the same and the return of investment into your home. Siteline Cabinetry delivers projects in weeks. Their lead times for delivery of new cabinets are between four and five weeks, which is far shorter than with traditional kitchen remodeling projects. When the team at Siteline Cabinetry is contracted to install a new cabinetry in a client’s home, they focus on custom designing and developing it according to the homeowner’s preferences. Everything is built based on the designer’s specifications. Notably, Siteline Cabinetry does not have pre-built and fabricated pieces in a warehouse to be delivered to your house. This is because each new cabinet installation process is as unique as the preferences of each homeowner.

Unlike private contractors, Siteline Cabinetry gives homeowners more control over the design, materials and pricing of the cabinets. Siteline Cabinetry’s professional cabinet makers are highly skilled in constructing cabinets that meet the highest standards. In addition, they have vast knowledge and experience in using both the traditional methods and latest technologies of designing made to order or kitchen cabinets. When shopping, most homeowners opt for personalized cabinets, the shaker style cabinets, horizontal orientation cabinetry, neutral, gray and while colors, and clean line and subtle designs. They also focus on high-tech options and functional designs. Recently, Siteline Cabinetry added full-access cabinets in its unique product line with the most popular being glass cabinets having clear and translucent options.

Sander & Sons, a family-run business, offers a variety of kitchen and bath products. The firm has been working closely with Siteline Cabinetry to offer clients with high-quality kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. Luxcraft Cabinets has been helping clients to create their dream kitchen that reflects their personality and caters for their accessibility needs. The company contends that Siteline Cabinetry offers a broad range of interior options that fits client’s unique needs. Royal Kitchens & Baths designs, constructs and installs the finest accessories, materials and products for their client’s homes. The noble company posits that Siteline Cabinetry personalizes homeowners’ new spaces according to their tastes and preferences.


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