Pit Bull Attacks Little Girl In The Kitchen


It seems as though the pit bull is a dog that is often heard about in the news regarding attacks. While this breed is capable of severe bites, it is not the only dog that is capable of biting someone or something. Unfortunately, a one-year-old little girl was bitten by her family’s pit bull in the early morning hours of January 8, 2018. The family lives in Massachusetts. When the girl was taken to the hospitals, officers believed that she had life-threatening injuries. She was quickly rushed to surgery when she got to the hospital.

The young girl was playing in the kitchen while the dog was in the room as well. The pit bull attacked the little girl and bit her face. There is no indication as to what provoked the dog to bite in the first place. When the girl screamed, her father ran into the kitchen. He tried to separate the dog and pull him off of her, but the dog’s mouth was clamped down. The father went to find a gun to shoot the dog, but there were no bullets in the gun. The father got a knife and stabbed the dog to get him to release his hold on the little girl.

An ambulance was at the home in just a few minutes. The girl was flown to another hospital where she underwent surgery. The father killed the dog when he stabbed it with the knife. The pit bull had been with the family for at least five years and showed no signs of aggression in the past. There were no signs of any kind of behavior to indicate that the dog would attack the little girl because the animal had been inside the home since she was born. Officers are investigating and monitoring the young girl’s condition.


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