Large Tip Left For Server


The job of a server in a restaurant is often fast-paced. Servers usually don’t get paid enough for the work that they do, especially if they have a table with several people at one time. A server in New Mexico recently received a tip that changed Noel Johnson’s life. The server was working her during the closing hours at El Patron Restaurant. Business was slow because it was late in the evening and because it was the middle of January.

Noel finally served her last table of the evening. He decided to sit at the table with the guests and talk about their day since it wasn’t busy. The guests were nice and didn’t seem to mind that Noel was spending time at the table. There was something about the man at the table that Noel didn’t realize until the guests left. One of the men was a CEO for a large company noticed around the world. Noel delivered the check and waited for the guests to leave. When he looked at the check, he was shocked.

The CEO left a sizable tip for Noel in the amount of $15,000. Noel thought that it was a mistake at first. The CEO even admitted to the server that the tip would appear a bit odd. The guest told Noel that he might need to get his manager to handle the check after he signed the bill. When Noel told his manager about the tip, his manager decided that they needed to take the precautions necessary to ensure that the money was legitimate and from a legitimate bank account. Noel told the customer that he wanted to work with young kids but that finances were tight, preventing him from doing what he wanted to in life. The CEO told Noel that he wanted him to go to school, get a car and support his family the best way that he could.


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