Disney “Toasts” an “Incredible” New Year


Disney has unveiled a New Year’s Day wish for its fans to also hype up its upcoming Pixar film, The Incredibles 2.

The company’s official Twitter account (@DisneyStudios) released a short video, along with the comment “Here’s a toast to an Incredible New Year. #Incredibles2”. The 11 second video plays the movie’s theme tune over a static image with a piece of toast, lying on a plate and burned in such a way that The Incredibles‘ logo is visible. A tagline at the top of the picture wishes fans “a toast to the new year.”

The pun is obvious, but fans could perhaps wonder if this also features some kind of inside joke. Is toast going to wind up being significant to the film somehow?

The first Incredibles movie came out in 2004, and remains one of Pixar’s most popular properties. It focuses on two former superheroes, Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr and his wife Helen “Elastigirl” Parr, who were forced into retirement years ago. Since then, they have settled down in the suburbs and had three children: teenage Violet, who can turn invisible and create force fields; energetic child Dash, who has super speed; and baby Jack-Jack, who does not seem to have any powers. (Spoiler alert: or does he?) Bob finds himself longing for the glory days, however, and winds up getting manipulated by the villain Syndrome in a desperate attempt to resume his old career.

So far, not much is known about the plot of the sequel. It will apparently be set shortly after the end of the first film, and focus more on Helen, who comes out of retirement in order to face down an old villain of hers. Meanwhile, Jack will be spending more time at home and trying to become more of a stay at home dad.

Only one teaser for the film has been released so far, though it is due out in theaters on June 15 of this year. Brad Bird is back as the director, writer and voice of fan favorite character Edna Mode; all of the other family members’ actors are back, except that Dash’s former VA, Spencer Fox, has been replaced with newcomer Huck Milner, and presumably new babies have been found to voice Jack-Jack. Samuel L. Jackson is also set to return as family friend Lucius Best, aka Frozone.


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