Dealing with Tech Addiction


A good number of Apple users are enslaved to their phones. The leading company now has the opportunity to create a smartphone that encourages users to use it more thoughtfully, deliberately and above all use it fewer times. As days go by, individuals are getting carried away by technology in a way that is different from drugs or alcohol. Numerous researchers have revealed that the way people use technology would pose an adverse effect on the human cognition, psyche as well as well-being. Many people are getting concerned about the tech addiction. Respectable names in the tech industry including some former employees of Facebook say that humans are not to be compared with the machinery of engagement that is in the smartphone apps. What they are concerned about is how the technological disruption affects the productivity of individuals. They are also concerned about the emotional lives and relationships of persons who are active on social networks.

There is the need for acknowledging that technology addiction is a problem that has been caused by incentives that not well aligned. Companies that make billions from the attention you accord to the apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram are dedicated to employing individuals that will keep even more engaged in their services. It is time that these companies are reminded of their ethical obligation. On its side, Facebook has revealed its readiness to lose some of its money for the sake of its customer’s well-being. Not many believe that such a tech giant would forego its financial interests.

It is time to move to the next era if technological advancement and carry on board companies that are willing to move on such as Apple. Just recently, two investors wrote an open letter to Apple asking it to look into the effects that the product has had on children. The reason as to why many choose Apple is because it would do an excellent job of addressing the tech addiction issue since its business models are not dependent on tech addiction. Most of its money is generated from the sale of premium devices. Tristan Harris, the CEO of Time Well Spent which aims at improving the impact of technology on society believes that it is time Apple ups its game. He offers some suggestions through which Apple can make its devices less addictive such as giving its users feedback about how they have been using their devices.


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