The Confidence of the Free world’s Leadership under Trump Falls to an All Time Low


The world confidence in the leadership of the has fallen to an all-time low with Washington ranking below China in approval ratings worldwide. This is according to a new poll that has been carried out by Gallup. The survey of opinion from 134 nations showed a record collapse in the US approval ratings to take up leadership in world affairs to 30% under the Trump presidency which is a significant drop from 48% that was achieved by the Obama administration. This is the lowest rating for the United States that has ever been recorded by Gallup since it started its poll on global leadership over ten years ago.

The poll results infer that president trump has a median approval rating of just 39% since he took office barely a year ago. The last time that the United States had such low ratings was during the Clinton administration whose ratings for his first year in office were 49% which is ten points higher than president Trump. The poll has confirmed some of the foreign policy’s worst nightmares that the America first policy adopted by the trump administration compounded by his irascible and volatile personality is weakening the integration among the western powers in the face of growing opposition by autocracies in China and Russia.

The rise of xenophobic nationalism and illiberal democracies in the European continent have also contributed a challenge to the free world under US leadership. Many more people view Germany as more of a global leader as compared to the United States with 415 voting for the European country. China comes second with 315 while Russia got 27% of the votes for their role in global affairs. The standing of the United States collapsed by over 10% on the world stage with more than 65 of the 135 countries, which accounts for more than half.

Some of the most prominent losses to Washington came from the long-term and longstanding allies of the United States including Latin America, Australia, and Western Europe. One of the most significant declines in the confidence of US global leadership was in the United Kingdom where it dropped by a massive 265 of the points. More than 30% of British citizens questioned the new expressed approval by the poll where 63% of Britons expressed disapproval of the US leadership of the free world. President Donald Trump has canceled some of the most significant partnerships and trade agreements in the world since he took office.

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