2017 Weather Disasters Cost The United States Billions Of Dollars


Before the United States experienced extremely low temperatures, the weather in many places was unusually warm. Last year, the temperature was 2.6 degrees warmer than usual. The United States also had 16 natural disasters that cost over a billion in damage.

Deke Arndt is a climate scientist. He stated that the warm temperatures are something hard to remember during the winter. He also stated that cold air is being pulled from the North Pole to where we live. Deke also works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is an organization that analyzes the climate and weather every year. They also keep track of the cost of the damages that were done natural disasters.

Adam Smith, who also works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, stated that the natural disasters have done an astronomical amount of damage. The storms have done over $300 billion in damage. This is the most damage that a storm has done since 2011.

There were three horrible hurricanes in 2017. The United States had Maria, Irma and Harvey. California also had a lot of flooding this year. Additionally, California had several wildfires this year. Colorado and Minnesota had tornado outbreaks and hail storms.

Antonio Busaslacchi is an oceanographer. He stated that the climate model predicts that the temperatures will start to warm up again. This trend not only worries scientists, but it also worries insurance companies. They want to know what will happen if the sea level continues to rise. They also want to know what will happen if the category 3, 4 and 5 hurricanes continue.

Antonio runs an organization called University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. He stated that scientists have taken on a new challenge. They are talking to insurance companies about what they can do in order to lower the risks that are associated with climate warming.


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